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Deploying your Java app to SAP Cloud Platform

By Jim Jaquet

Deploying your Java app to SAP Cloud Platform


You will learn

In the final part of this tutorial series you will learn how to deploy your Java application to SAP Cloud Platform.

Step 1: Create a new server

Create a new server by opening up the corresponding context menu on the Servers view and selecting New > Server. Enter the following and click Next.

  • Server type: SAP Cloud Platform
  • Landscape host:
  • Server name: SAP Cloud Platformon hanatrial
Creating the SAP Cloud Platform server in your project
Step 2: Configure the server

Configure the new server with the following and click Next.

  • Application name: weatherapp
  • Runtime: Java Web
  • Account name: <userid>trial
  • User name: <userid>
  • Password: <SCN password>
Configuring the SAP Cloud Platformserver
Step 3: Add weather app

Select the weatherapp on the list on the left and add it to the (remote) server by clicking on the Add button. Then, click on Finish.

Step 4: Create an SAP Cloud Platform Destination

Now create an SAP Cloud Platform Destination for the remote server via the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit (similar to what was done in section 8 for our local server). Enter the following:

  • Name: openweathermap
  • Type: HTTP
  • Description: openweathermap service
  • URL:
  • Proxy Type: Internet
  • Authentication: NoAuthentication
Creating a new destination in SAP Cloud Platform for the external weather service
Step 5: Publish the app

Finally publish the application to the (remote) server and run it. You app should look like this:

Screenshot of the Java app running on HCP

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Updated 01/12/2018

Time to Complete

10 min



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