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Getting started with the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition

By Gregor Wolf

This tutorial get's you started with the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition


You will learn

In this tutorial you will learn how to get started with the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition.

Step 1: Access SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition

You can access the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition by following this link.

Continue by clicking the See it in action Button.

See it in action
Step 2: Accept the terms of use

At your first access you also will have to accept the “SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition Terms of Use”. Do that by clicking I agree. After that you will be able to try out all the apps. You can i.e. try the Inbox and approve some workflows.

Step 3: Open Customize and Extend mode

In the following tutorials you can learn how to extend the standard apps. You have to activate the “Customize and Extend” mode of the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition. Go back to the home screen by clicking the Home icon. In the group “Welcome” you will find the “Customize and Extend” tile. Click on the tile.

SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition - Welcome screen

You can also reach the “Customize and Extend” mode by clicking the Cloud icon in the upper right corner.

Get started!
Step 4: Log in or register

Now click the Get started! button

Get started!

You will be asked to log on or register. If you already have a user for the SAP Community Network (SCN) or the SAP Service Marketplace you can use that user. Otherwise check out this tutorial on how to create your SAP Cloud Platform Trial account. Then Log On with your credentials.

Log On screen
Step 5: Accept terms and conditions

After the login it can happen that you have to complete another registration form. Also accept the terms and conditions there:

registration form
Step 6: Start the launchpad

The first start of the launchpad takes a moment

launchpad start
Step 7: Ready to extend the app

The app you want to extend in the next tutorials is “My Opportunities” in the Group “CRM”:

Fiori launchpad group CRM

Congratulations, you’re ready to go and start extending the SAP standard Fiori apps.

Next Steps

Updated 12/12/2017

Time to Complete

5 Min.



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