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SAP Sourcing and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management


SAP Sourcing and SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

SAP Sourcing/CLM is an on-premise application providing an end-to-end solution for the Procurement process. Visit the SAP Sourcing Expert page for news, articles, answers to your questions, news, blogs, and videos about SAP Sourcing. Join the community to post your own questions, answers, blogs and articles about SAP Sourcing and CLM.

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Read this blog for a summary of new features in SAP Sourcing Release 11.0, including HANA database support, integration with events in Ariba Sourcing On Demand, and mobile approvals using Fiori My Inbox.

Learn about Release 11.0

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This blog documents best practices for converting your legacy .doc contract documents to .docx and .dotx formats. Microsoft has deprecated the .net wordservice, so all users need to upgrade to the SAP Sourcing native Java contract generation, for which only .docx and .dotx are supported.

Read the best practices blog

Latest Questions and Answers
Modifying Supplier contact in SAP CLM supplier data

Hello Experts, I need advise on modifying the supplier contact details in the supplier data. We have created Extension fields in the Supplier Contact tabs. Whenever I am trying to add a new supplier c...

May 6th, 2019
SAP CLM built in standard APIs for Contracts

Hi Folks, I am trying to see if there are any standard APIs available in SAP CLM which can be exposed as webservices to integrate with ERP or any non SAP system. I see in the following doc it is being...

XSD upload error in CLM webservice

Hi, I am trying to create a REST Webservice in CLM(Application Version: using SAP provided sample files for contracts from the CLM reference guide. While performing the steps mentioned in ...

Extract CLM contract documents (PDF) from SAP CLM

Hi, We are trying to download the contract document in Sourcing server from a Master agreement using the toolbar script. All the contract documents are in .pdf format. The below program was able to do...

April 29th, 2019
SAP CLM Formatting Error in Attachments uploaded through Script

Hi Guys , We have written a script to upload files in Project attachments however the file has been uploaded correctly but it is giving format error while opening the file . I have attached the script...

Turn off mail triggering for particular user in SAP CLM

Hi Experts, I need to turn off mail notifications triggering for particular user in CLM . Can anybody please guide me? I would appreciate all your inputs.. Thanks in advance

Latest Blogs
SAP Sourcing / CLM Version 11 PAM Document

From SAP Sourcing / CLM product management: For those SAP Sourcing / CLM on-premise customers who are looking to upgrade to Version 11, and have questions on the recommended configurations and technic...

May 21st, 2018
New YouTube videos that introduce the SAP Sourcing / CLM Release 11 Features

A new YouTube Channel has recently been created to store a library of Best Practices and How To instructional videos for the SAP Sourcing /CLM product. The latest videos that are available, provide in...

April 4th, 2018
SAP Sourcing / CLM Release 11 is GA!

The SAP Sourcing / CLM team is pleased to announce: SAP Sourcing / CLM release 11.0 On Premise is now GA! As of January 17th, 2018, Release 11.0.03 is generally available for download. We encourage al...

January 18th, 2018
Mass download of contract documents from agreement to FTP/SFTP

Introduction In sourcing we don’t have any standard option for mass download of all the contract documents at a time from all the agreements. Only option we have that download the documents one by one...

December 4th, 2017
Add Attachments in SRM ROS

Summary Supplier registration process is a mandatory process for sourcing activity. For any new suppliers to participate in a bid, they must be created in SRM system. These bidders will be created sys...

September 26th, 2016
Today’s procurement professionals don’t want jobs. They want missions.

Future of Procurement – People are our most valuable asset A digital transformation is taking hold around the world, and new business models are transforming entire industries. Uber and Didicar, for i...

September 15th, 2016

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