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Community Updates


Community Updates

This page collects and consolidates information about all of the updates about new features, fixes, and developments for SAP Community. Here you'll find direct links to posts about the releases of the latest platform functionality, plus prioritization plans for what's to come and overviews of the strategic plans driving improvements (and the SAP leaders helping to drive them). You'll also find an archive of older news published as we prepared to make the transition from SCN to SAP Community.

We regularly update the SAP Community release notes with the latest features and bug fixes -- all on a wiki page that you can watch for e-mail alerts. And we update the SAP Community Roadmap with progress reports and explanations -- also on a wiki page that you can follow.

In addition, we post news in the community itself highlighting the latest developments and sharing plans for upcoming deliverables. And we're providing more details about the strategy driving community improvements and about the support of SAP leadership.

Information About the Move from Idea Place to Customer Influence

Posts About Strategy

News About Community Features and Fixes

For information about the status of member feedback and bug reports, please see the Features Requested and Issues Reported section.

We also post information about opportunities to contribute to community development, share ideas, and report bugs.

Ways to Share Feedback About the New Community

If you're looking for older posts about the move to the new community, please check out the Communications Overview migrated from SCN. This page lists links to older posts about the transition to SCN -- all of which were published between February 24, 2015 and October 6, 2016.

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