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Customer Snapshot: Overview

More than 100,000 unique products

Driven by a passion to get things done, Würth Group continuously seeks ways to support their 65,000 employees in becoming more efficient. A global leader in assembly and fastening materials, Würth has the products that help connect almost everything together. Now, with SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA, they hope better database management will improve business connections.

Würth Group

€9.98 billion (2012)

Number of Employees

Wholesale Distribution

Künzelsau, Germany

Customer Website

Line of Business
Manufacturing, Sales, Sustainability

SAP Solutions

Customer Snapshot: History

The Nuts and Bolts of Success

From its family beginnings, the Würth Group has grown into the world’s market leader in assembly and fastening materials.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Putting Quality Before Price

Würth Group product quality and customer service are second to none. Würth deploys 32,000 sales representatives, ensuring every customer receives first class service. These are experts in automotive, metal, and wood construction, who bring knowledge and experience in their respective industries. A specialized approach gives the company an extra advantage as a partner with three million customers worldwide.

The desire for excellence and reliability of Würth products is matched by a passion for superior customer service.

The Challenge

Just Look at the Numbers

The numbers alone tell the story:

3 million



unique products


sales reps




Würth Group generates enormous amounts of data, and the sheer volume is becoming difficult to control in a growing company.

Needing a competitive edge…

Enter SAP

Collaborating with the Experts

Würth Group is already an SAP customer, using enterprise resource planning and extended warehouse management solutions. Würth Group and SAP are collaborating on a proof of concept project using SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA to simplify the company’s ERP landscape, accelerate business processes, and establish a platform for further innovation.

What we expect from this proof of concept.

Better Business: Run Simple

First Things First

Würth Group is focusing on mission-critical processes in the proof of concept project with SAP. In addition to consolidating databases, the goal is to ensure that performance doesn’t degrade as data volumes increase.

Journey Ahead

Real-Time Analytics, Transparency and More

Ultimately, Würth Group would like to work with SAP to add features to its ERP systems, such as real-time analytics, to enable improved business transparency and more strategic business decision-making.

Changing how we make decisions.

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