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Customer Snapshot: Overview

~10% increase in passengers and profits (Q1 2015 vs. Q1 2014)

It’s common these days to read reports and articles about negative air travel experiences, from ticket costs to poor airport and in-flight services. Bangkok Airways on the other hand, makes it their mission to provide customers a pleasurable experience on every trip, starting the moment they arrive at the airport.

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
I Am Consulting

Travel & Transportation

Chom Phon, Jatujak, Bangkok , Thailand

Number of Employees
2,437 (2014)

Line of Business
Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions

The key to success is customers; we definitely need to make our customers happy.- Pratit Santiprabhob, Advisor to the President of Bangkok Airways

Customer Snapshot: History

Growing Fleet with Flourishing Tourism

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Thailand’s Gateways to Pleasure

A privately-owned regional airline with 29 aircrafts (as of 2015), Bangkok Airways has obtained permits to operate scheduled flights for over 20 different major routes—covering nearly all major resort destinations in Thailand. Additionally, the airline has also obtained permits to fly internationally to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Maldives.

A unique defining quality.

Bangkok Airways has also invested in building and maintaining its own privately-operated airports at Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat. These developments provide Thailand with more air transportation hubs to in order to facilitate increasing air traffic volume.

The Challenge

No Short Orders for a Homegrown Foundation

Controlling their operating costs to give customers the best prices possible was a priority for Bangkok Airways, who was using a 45-year-old infrastructure of “homegrown applications” for manual financial operations. This made it impossible to see real-time financials or easily analyze any areas of concern—so it was difficult to make that mission a reality.

Knowing IT was needed. 

Enter SAP

Embracing Help from the Experts

With SAP Consulting Services and implementation partner I Am, Bangkok Airways strived for their mission of “pleasantry to the passengers on every flight” through behind-the-scenes IT improvements powered by SAP HANA.

Together, they set out with 3 key challenges to meet their goals:


Outdated Silos





Better Business


Seeing the Power of Real-Time

With the power of big data combined with mobility, once dauntingly manual setbacks like flight delays or last minute itinerary changes would soon be instant and easy to process. Harnessing technology promised to help Bangkok Airways soar with their intentions of goodwill.

Awed by the power of real-time plus mobility.

Better Business: Benefits

A Successful Landing

All three challenges are being met, and their resulting benefits create ripple effects of their own…

Unifying Silos

With integrated and improved internal processes, Bangkok Airways can offer customers mobile communications for flight changes, among other digital services, all within one place.

Simplifying Operations

By connecting a mobile application to its SAP HANA in memory computing, Bangkok Airways now has infinite insight into its financial transactions. The app was deployed and used by the field, specifically those who control the turn-around of flights and those who need to log expenses. What was once a manual, lengthy, paper process is now instantaneous. The company is able to log expenses in real-time, seeing the consequences immediately after processing transactions, and quickly understanding the monetary gain or loss associated with flights and operations.

Cutting Costs

With real-time insight provided by its SAP HANA engagement, Bangkok Airlines now analyzes its data to strategically trim unnecessary costs. In turn, Bangkok can keep prices competitive in the market and reasonable for customers.

Better Business: Run Simple


Magically Meeting Customers Needs

By always knowing what’s coming in and going out, thanks to the power of mobile technology run on SAP HANA, fiscal operations can be monitored and streamlined to perfection. And now, Bangkok Airways can spoil their passengers with little unforgettable luxuries like special in-flight menus, easy mobile transactions, and warm, umbrella-laden greeters on the runway.

Keeping travel transactions sunny.

We want to provide our customers with the best experience, not only in flight but also from booking to arriving on the ground at the destination. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA will definitively help us achieve our goals. - Pratit Santiprabhob, Advisor to the President, Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited
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