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Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Zentrum Wohnungswirtschaft

Customer Snapshot: Overview

Keeping an eye on 5,000 prospects at one time

Streaming movies, TV shows, and online conversations require high bandwidth internet connections, and people are demanding better connectivity from their building owners. Telekom Deutschland offers a powerful fiber-optic network to housing companies looking to keep their tenants connected. 

Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Zentrum Wohnungswirtschaft

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Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Bonn, Germany

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Demand for services is so high, Telekom Deutschland needed a way to streamline their sales process and manage leads more efficiently. They found their solution in SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales.

Customer Snapshot: History

Future-Proof Networks and Solutions

Since 2012, Telekom Deutschland’s Competence Center for the Housing Industry (Zentrum Wohnungswirtschaft) has been marketing their powerful fiber-optic network to housing companies – with great success.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Helping Housing Companies Offer More

Telekom offers a full portfolio of modern phone, internet, and cable television communication solutions as well as other innovative products and services such as home automation and assistance systems. Their customers are housing companies who provide internet access for multiple residents in each of their buildings.

Keeping tenants well-connected.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Investing in Fiber-Optics

In a world where demand for more television channels, better picture definition, faster internet, and high quality phone service has increased significantly, Telekom Deutschland is investing €12 billion by 2018 to expand their advanced fiber-optic network.

The Challenge

Streamlining Sales Leads

Demand for services is up, which is putting a huge burden on the sales team to sign more contracts more quickly. An outdated, disconnected system did not offer the speed and agility the company needed to accelerate the closing cycle. The company needed simplified administrative procedures and collaboration tools to improve their efficiency.

Getting rid of an error-prone system.

Enter SAP


One Solution

The team was already familiar with SAP solutions, so the choice was clear to go with SAP. SAP Hybris promised to be a quick implementation and offered a short learning curve with its user-friendly interface.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud covered all the bases.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Meaningful Data at Last

It took just three months for the system to go live and the team recognized instant results. The sales team was able to view in-depth, meaningful data on 5,000 prospects on demand.

A smooth transition.

Better Business


Targets Acquired

With a single, transparent system for customer acquisition, the sales team was able to target and personalize sales calls, improving employee productivity and building a more solid customer base.

A welcome change.

Better Business: Benefits

Productivity Is Up

Better sales targeting.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud can be implemented quickly and is extremely easy to work with. We now react to customer inquiries and desires more quickly and with more flexibility. — Peter Fischer, Product Manager at Competence Center for the Housing Industry, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Better Business: Run Simple

Reliability is Key

The new system delivers instant information at the touch of a button. The sales team now has the tools they need to keep up with demand for Telekom Deutschland products and services. Now more people have access to better, faster connectivity and Telekom Deutschland has a stronger customer base.

All data in one system.

Journey Ahead

Synchronization Across Processes

Next on the company’s radar is synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and bringing it all onto a mobile-friendly platform. With go-anywhere technology, the sales team will be even more agile — responding to requests in the field and accessing information on-the-go.

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