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Customer Snapshot: Overview

More than 4.5 Quadrillion combinations of statistics

Ever since the first NBA game in 1946, the league has been generating excitement and statistics. Now that NBA can Run Live with their data, basketball fans have instant access to the NBA’s entire history of official statistics, thanks to, a website powered by the SAP HANA® platform.

National Basketball Association - NBA

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The Finest Sports League in the World.


Special Relationship between Fans and their Teams.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Interactive Statistics

The NBA has always embraced the latest technology and wanted to provide teams, media and fans with access to ground-breaking statistics and a deeper understanding of the game. Now, those statistics are as live as possible, making interaction even more fun for the fans.

The NBA Teams Up with Their Fans.


Opening It Up to a Wider Audience.

The Challenge

A Tall Order

The NBA wanted a website to provide teams, media, and fans with access to their entire history of official statistics. The definitive site needed to be user friendly, enable tens-of-thousands of concurrent users, and allow for future innovation. Additionally, a core function of the site would be to drive more engagement among NBA fans around the world, and provide them with a seamless experience in accessing more than 65 years of statistical data.


The NBA has more than 450 million fans worldwide. Making their vast collection of statistics available to all fans, along with providing the optimal digital experience was previously not possible.

Fan Engagement.


Engaging with our fans is the most important thing that we can do…making sure that they feel close to the game.–Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner, National Basketball Association

70 Years of Data for Fans available in a Live Database.

Enter SAP

Making the Team

After an extensive proof-of-concept, the NBA chose the SAP HANA platform to handle the tens-of-thousands of concurrent fans who will be interacting with the unprecedented statistical experience on SAP Services worked hand in hand with the NBA to implement SAP HANA to run the league’s new statistical offering. SAP took 75 years of statistics and turned them into a live database. Now, fans can interact with the data and create limitless permutations to access and engage with the NBA experience.


The speed and performance of the in-memory computing technology from SAP makes it possible for the website to accommodate tens of thousands of concurrent users. The platform’s fast data loads let the NBA add new statistics following a game.

Bringing Technology Courtside.

That’s why choosing SAP HANA to power was such a slam dunk.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Well Coached

When it came to implementing their best-in-class website, the NBA was all about collaboration. After all, the No. 1 factor that determines the NBA champion every year is teamwork. The NBA teamed up with the SAP® Services organization to ensure a smooth rollout of the new technology. 


The three parameters laid out at the beginning of the engagement -- easy to use, live, and fast -- were taken to heart when designing the entire system from the back-end financial information that’s available in real time from anywhere to the consumer-facing user-friendly interfaces. SAP is a true end-to-end solution for the NBA.

And, implementing it in such a short period of time wouldn’t have been possible without SAP’s expertise.

Opening up the history of the NBA.


This teamwork resulted in a one-stop source for all NBA statistics that is now used by enthusiastic fans, the media and all 30 NBA teams.

Going One-On-One with the NBA.

Better Business


The Stats Fans Want, When They Want It

NBA Fans are now able to get data and stats just like the coaches and general managers get to make their experience like no other.

Real Time Data for Millions of Fans.


Increased Engagement Equals Increased Business.

Better Business: Benefits

Putting Numbers on the Board provides the definitive statistical offering consisting of the NBA’s entire history of official statistics – more than 4.5 quadrillion combinations of statistics – and an unparalleled experience for fans.

4.5 Quadrillion Permutations of Data.


For the very first time, fans have direct access to a league’s entire history and its entire database of situational stats.–Steve Hellmuth, Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology, National Basketball Association

Running Live with SAP off the court as well.

Better Business: Run Simple

And the Crowd Roars

Everything a fan needs to know about their team is now immediately available, they can slice and dice the data and look at it however they wish. The new site offers an in-depth experience to anyone who follows the game. Media use the site to develop compelling story lines, hard-core devotees research the perfect fantasy team, and the casual fan learns more about the sport.

Visitors to increased 66% from the 2012-13 season to the 2013-14 season

SAP HANA enabled us to build a ground-breaking website that I think is the best in sports. –Michael Gliedman, Senior Vice President and CIO, National Basketball Association

Today, the statistics and video captured and used during NBA games flows back into the league’s database. Fans can then use to track to track every amazing point, rebound, and blocked shot in near real-time.


With its global exposure, the site helps extend the NBA brand to consumers and fans around the world. In summary all of the power that’s built into the site is really about letting the fans engage more with the sport.

Live Business. Live Information.

Journey Ahead

Driving to the Net

The NBA’s goals are, first and foremost, to grow and celebrate the game of basketball on a global basis. This year alone, NBA programming will be seen in more than 215 countries and enjoyed in 47 languages. Overall, the success of contributed to achieving all-time traffic records. The website is expected to play an important role in keeping basketball’s expanding audience fully engaged and close to the game.

New Innovation is Just Around the Corner…

Together, the NBA and SAP are looking to innovate even further. Already, ground-breaking video content and advanced box scores were unveiled, and the website is now available to fans through smartphones and tablets.
The NBA, through its partnership with SAP, was able to create the definitive destination for official NBA statistics. As for who leads the NBA in scoring – you’ll have to check out
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