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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Attracting daily global customers within 1 week of launch

Ten years ago, Vram Minassian started a gallery in the avant garde area of West Hollywood. He had already been an artist for more than two decades, but he wanted to create a space where people could find work from an eclectic group of artists, ceramicists, jewelers, and furniture makers. As word of the gallery quickly spread, his renown went global. Minassian found he was focusing more on the business than the art. At the same time, he wanted to present the tactile feel of his gallery to virtual visitors around the world. 

GRAY Gallery

Customer Website

Line of Business
Commerce, Sales, Service, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Anywhere

West Hollywood, California, USA

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SAP Anywhere provided a solution to both challenges in one tool that integrated CRM, inventory, point-of-sale data, and the website. With the business side taken care of, the focus is back on the art.

Customer Snapshot: History

From West Hollywood to the World

Since 2010, GRAY Gallery has been uniquely situated at the intersection of art and design.
From the monumental neo-brutalist ceramic works of Peter Lane to spontaneous, sculptural jewelry pieces from Lara Koulajian, to Joseph Villeneuve’s multi-dimensional abstract paintings, GRAY Gallery is proud to carry on the tradition of makers both renowned and emerging in a variety of media.

The gallery eschews the ordinary white wall gallery experience in order to bring artist works to life in an environment that is both comfortable and curated — and where contemporary works mix with important vintage pieces to great effect.

From artist to gallery owner.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


A gallery with a personal feel.

The Challenge

Focus on Art, Not Business

As the gallery grew, Minassian discovered too much of his time was being spent on administrative details, taking his time and energy away from his primary goal: bringing art and design to discerning people around the globe. Potential customers were searching his site but weren’t getting a clear picture of the pieces or their availability. Minassian wanted to bring the same beautiful, tactile in-gallery experience to GRAY Gallery’s virtual customers as well. His vision was to let customers from around the world explore the gallery live whenever and wherever they want to from any device.

Minassian looked for an e-commerce solution to integrate their inventory and availability with a 360° view of the featured pieces.

Enter SAP

One Customizable Solution for All Needs

The SAP Anywhere solution met all of the criteria GRAY Gallery were seeking. Customers would be able to interact “live” with the gallery from anywhere in the world. The SAP team was well versed in the gallery’s business and objectives, and was able to coordinate the gallery’s needs with the capabilities of SAP Anywhere. SAP Anywhere would also be able to provide a system that could be accessed from any device, allowing the solution to Run Live on any platform.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Less Stress. More Room to Create.

The team was quickly able to grasp GRAY Gallery’s situation and customize SAP Anywhere to their specifications. They were able to bring the gallery’s CRM, inventory, point-of-sale data and website into one cloud-based, live solution. One week after going live, clients from all over the world were making inquiries and placing orders. As for the team behind GRAY Gallery, their time was freed up to work on art, design, and creating a beautiful customer experience.

What SAP Anywhere is doing is becoming my business man. It takes away the things that I don't enjoy doing and lets me do what I love to do and comes naturally to me. That is helping me dream at night and wake up at 3 a.m. and make my sketches and run to the office and realize that a lot of the business aspect, the commerce aspect of my life, is taken care of. — Vram Minassian, Founder and Owner, GRAY Gallery

Better Business

Running Live

Although the team is finding they’re doing less work than before, GRAY Gallery is now reaching more customers than ever. With the new tools in place, they are able to quickly answer customer inquiries with a live, real-time view of storage and inventory in just a few keystrokes. Time away from mundane business tasks helps Minassian and his team seek out relationships with new artists and build their inventory for customers.

More results with less effort. 

Better Business: Benefits

A Virtual Showroom

Even in this era of e-commerce, it’s hard to buy something sight unseen, especially something as personal and visual as design elements for the home. The live online view of the gallery helps interior designers and direct customers feel more comfortable with what they are purchasing.

Better Business: Run Simple


Run Anywhere

No longer limited to a single geographic location, GRAY Gallery can offer beautifully crafted pieces to customers around the world, not just Hollywood locals.

Run Live transforms GRAY Gallery to a global presence from a local one. 

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