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Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley, Inc.

Customer Snapshot: Overview

>2,000 Fresh items hit the sales floors daily

Have you ever made a donation of used clothing, only to wonder what the impact would be on the community? For Goodwill Industries of San Joaquin Valley (GISJV), tracking donation inventory and sales is critical to continuing their more than 70-year legacy of job creation and placement programs. SAP Business One provides complete visibility into inventory and remote donation boxes (Tri-walls). Now stores can be stocked to adjust for seasonal trends and other fluctuations, ensuring GISJV distributes inventory wisely so that they can do the most amount of good for the community!

Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley, Inc.

US$20 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Commerce, Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Stockton, California, USA

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Implementation Partners


Customer Snapshot: History

Real Help for Real People in Need

Educating informed consumers is just one of GISJV's many goals.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

''Reusing'' with a Purpose

GISJV operates as a non-profit organization, accepting donations of reusable items, such as clothing and household goods. The company then sells those goods to fund their job training program for disabled people.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Sticking with the Original Service Mission

Like all Goodwills, GISJV sells clothing and household goods donated by the general public in retail stores to fund job training and placement services for those with severe disabilities. GISJV operates stores, donation centers and Work Services programs throughout the San Joaquin Valley, including 17 retail stores, two bulk-sale facilities, an on-line book/media store and a division dedicated to providing jobs for people with disabilities (Goodwill Service Connection).

Helping a community help themselves

The Challenge

It’s Difficult to Track What You Can’t See

GISJV faced an enormous challenge. How could they effectively manage inventory in 19 sales locations and two distribution centers, plus track 8,500 donation containers (“Tri-wall”) located throughout the valley? For many years, GISJV had relied on a loose, mostly manual system of spreadsheets, white boards, an accounting program and a point of sale system.

The challenge was to find out how to efficiently track many moving pieces in several different locations every day.
Since none of their inventory or distribution components were integrated, staff had to make educated guesses about what products to stock.

Enter SAP

Searching for Integrated Inventory

GISJV’s management researched possible inventory control and point of sale systems. They concluded that the SAP Business One ERP solution would be a solid foundation for their core financial and reporting requirements. Softengine, one of SAP’s Gold Partners, was brought in to help them design and implement the SAP solution.

When we had the kickoff meeting with GISJV, their most pressing need was to gain access to one centralized, fully integrated system that could track the inventory down to the individual donation item. – Alex Goudz, Chief Technical Officer, Softengine

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Delivering Real-time Inventory Solutions

Softengine professionals completed the implementation of the system at all twenty GISJV locations, and management has been impressed with the results. Whether they were on the job at a store location, or at the GISJV main office, the implementation team took the time to learn all of GISJV’s unique business processes, and patiently explain the most technical processes to GISJV employees in a way that everyone could understand.


They have been especially delighted with their newfound ability to use SAP Business One’s robust functionality to analyze data to help create and test-market different promotional campaigns and assess their effectiveness.

Live, real-time inventory makes it easier for Goodwill Industries of San Joaquin Valley to Run Simple with SAP.

Better Business

Tools to Freely Focus on What Matters

With a single, integrated system, the staff at GISJV can now easily access the information they need to make effective and timely business decisions. SAP Business One’s Sales Analysis capabilities enable them to evaluate the results of sales campaigns, and make adjustments for future promotions. They can check the number of transactions, discount levels and net gain or loss per promotion and per location. The company is very careful about how they spend precious marketing dollars, and the new system gives them the tools to optimize their investment.

Less time is spent on manual tasks, freeing the team to focus on their mission of creating jobs for those in need of assistance.

Better Business: Benefits

Exceeding Expectations with Inventory Optimization

With SAP Business One, GISJV can locate items in the inventory all the way down to a donated pair of socks. They can see the position of each of the 8,500 containers, quickly identify the type of goods in each container, and determine which items from each unit made it to store shelves.


They know how quickly merchandise sells in each retail store, and replenish them with the right items and optimal quantities. And they can decide how many containers to deploy based on seasonal fluctuations in donations and sales.

54.5% more items = US$120,000

With accurate inventory data, potential revenue increases with more items revealed

5 Days Earlier

Simpler processes allow financial statement delivery to the Board of Directors faster than ever

Better Business: Run Simple

Taking the Mystery Out of Stock

SAP Business One provides GISJV with the detailed information it needs to track containers from remote locations to distribution centers. The company now sees which goods from each unit are on the store shelves, and how quickly they sold. They have accurate, up-to-the minute data to power their decisions about which items to stock.

Real-time reporting of daily sales and inventory - instead of waiting 24 hours. 

Journey Ahead

Transformed and Ready for the Future

GISJV has addressed their most pressing need, acquiring access to a single, centralized, fully integrated system to track inventory down to each individual donation item. Now, they can focus their future more efficiently on their mission.

On track to continue helping people in need for the next hundred years.

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