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Customer Snapshot: Overview

The Longest Running TV Commercial, ''Thank You,'' has been running since 1975

Customer loyalty is at the cornerstone of Discount Tire’s business, which is why after 65 years and counting they are the largest tire and wheel retailer in the world. They also hold the world record for the longest running TV commercial with their polite yet edgy “Thank You” commercial which has been running since 1975.

Discount Tire

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Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP for Retail, UX design services from SAP

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

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Discount Tire’s point of difference begins in the parking lot, before customers even step out of their car. This personalized service began with clipboards but now can Run Simple on iPads thanks to SAP for Retail and UX Design Services from SAP.

Discount Tire's strategy is simple: treat people the way you want to be treated. 

Customer Snapshot: History

The Road to Success
From 6 tires and an air tank to 900 stores in 30 states

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Customer Service is Everything

One common thread running through the hearts of everyone within the organization remains the same - treat customers and fellow employees with respect and fairness. Care for those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible and have fun.
The employees of Discount/America's Tire represent their philosophy and its brand by remaining knowledgeable, friendly and honest. By offering the highest level of customer service, more product choices and the lowest prices, they have earned the right to be considered trusted experts.
Be fair, be truthful, work hard, be there on time, and help people. – Discount Tire’s Motto

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Smoother Ride for Customers

Building customer relationships has allowed Discount Tire to become a leader in the industry. Their continual growth not only provides opportunities for employee advancement, but allows more customers to remain confident when choosing them for all of their tire and wheel needs.

One source and view of data across stores and online will allow employees to better anticipate customer needs and provide better service. One consolidated supply chain will enable better visibility into inventory and operations within the company and with suppliers. And customers will benefit from one consistent experience no matter how or where they shop.

The Challenge

Positive Experiences Worth a Like and a Tweet

Before the proliferation of social media, if people didn't like a product or service they'd tell the company. The company could help resolve those issues directly with each customer. Now, people have multiple channels to broadcast their experiences that can completely bypass the company and proliferate unchecked across the Internet. Discount Tire's commitment to customer service and satisfaction is so strong, they strive to contain the user experience by forming a strong relationship with each customer. Strong enough that if a customer has an issue, they'll resolve it on the spot.

Discount Tire's main goal is to make sure customers don't have anything to complain about, going above and beyond what's asked of them, even giving away free tires if it appears a customer who needs them doesn't have the means to pay.

With this vision in mind, Discount Tire needed a system that would enhance the user experience in-store, online and even in the parking lot outside their stores.

>1M Facebook Likes

>21K Twitter Followers

Enter SAP

Turning to a Trusted Partner

A long-standing partner with SAP, when Discount Tire was looking to update its UX and retail experience, they again turned to SAP. Now, when potential customers pull into the lot, an employee is there to greet them with a smile and an iPad, ready to assess their needs, purchasing history and other significant data. New technology aside, employees are still on hand to fix flat tires for free, replacing recalled tires even if they weren’t bought through the company, and generally reassuring customers that Discount Tire has their back.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Anticipating Customers’ Needs

Implementing SAP for Retail helped Discount Tire take their business and customer service initiatives to the next level, saving time for customers and employees and continuing to reinforce positive customer experiences. The new integrated retail system helps anticipate customer needs, and staying ahead of customer’s requests helps give Discount Tire a significant advantage in an overly critical customer landscape.

Developing a unique customer experience to help customers make the best choices. 

Better Business

A Smooth Ride Ahead

Faster service, better customer records and more efficient services help Discount Tire stay at the top of their game. With plans to continue expanding to other locations and offer more interactive services online, Discount Tire is ready for the future.

Better Business: Benefits

Mobility Changes Everything

In addition to on-site service, the company has expanded its online and mobile services to enable customers to locate a store, search for and select the right tires and wheels, schedule appointments, register for discounts, and get safety tips and other info. Their online Interactive Wheel System even allows customers to visualize wheels on their vehicle before they buy.

Better Business: Run Simple


A Lot is Riding on Their Tires

Discount Tire proves time and again that they have their customers’ backs, with free services, a stellar return policy and personalized services. SAP has helped Discount Tire Run Simple by helping them to keep doing what they do best — connecting with customers and anticipating their needs.

Discount Tire and SAP have created the ultimate customer experience, changing the way customers search, shop and purchase tires.

Journey Ahead

Reaching Customers Before They Need Service

A snapshot a year into the project shows processes are running smoothly and customer confidence remains high. It’s clear to the people at Discount Tire that the future lies in The Internet of Things, with plans for products that can evaluate a car’s systems and recommend customers take action when they need to stay one step ahead of danger when it comes to their tires. They’re also planning on enabling online booking so Discount Tire employees can keep up with a steady stream of customers, avoid busy rush hours and plan stock ahead of time.

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