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Customer Snapshot: Overview

44,000 active Learning Solutions users in 6 months

Serco has expanded its reach from small, local maintenance contracts to large-scale service organizations over the lifetime of the company. As the company has grown, the commitment to people, bringing service to life has not wavered. Serco now designs and delivers services across a diverse range of sectors. 

Serco Group

£5.1billion (2013)

Number of Employees

Professional Services

Hampshire, UK

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP SuccessFactors Learning, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing

This diversity is one of the company’s strengths as a business, and is evident in two recent company initiatives half a world apart. In the UK, Serco wanted to be able to react more quickly to tactical capability challenges and easily track and report on training compliance both internally and to clients, along with providing more employee personal and professional development. In Australia, Serco was hired by the Western Australia Department of Health to staff a new, state-of-the-art healthcare facility with more than 6,300 rooms – an enormous undertaking.

Customer Snapshot: History

A Pioneering Spirit from the 1920’s to Today

Serco contacted SAP to help improve their resources, better coordinate staffing and training, and ensure that each complex project could hit the ground running in less than 6 months. SAP helped Serco Run Simple with SuccessFactors that bolstered their resources and paved the way to success.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Supporting Public Service with Experience and Expertise

Serco is an international service company, which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos. Around the world, they improve essential services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively. They advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems and - most of all - deliver to the public.

Serco supports governments, agencies and companies who seek a trusted partner with a solid track record of providing assured service excellence. Their people offer operational, management and consulting expertise in the aviation, BPO, defense, education, environmental services, facilities management, health, immigration, information and communications technology, justice, knowledge services, local government, science and nuclear, transport, welfare to work, and the commercial sectors.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Focusing on People to Help Organizations Run Smoothly

SercoAustralia manages people, processes, technology, and assets to help organizations operate more effectively. Serco works across a variety of industries, including business process outsourcing, defense, healthcare, immigration, law enforcement, public infrastructure, and transportation.

People expect high-quality public services for their tax money. Serco Group plc. in Hampshire, United Kingdom, helps governments around the globe meet this expectation. It improves government services – from providing non clinical support in hospitals and transporting asylum seekers to providing sophisticated engineering support to the military – by managing people, processes, technology, and assets more effectively.

The Challenge

Gaining Customer Confidence through Strict Compliance

Serco works with many secure contracts with very tight government guidelines, so the need for a secure platform is critical, as is the need for training compliance. Being able to hire staff uniquely qualified to perform specific tasks and to ensure employee compliance will help Serco develop stronger relationships with their customers.

When you work for the public sector, customers need to have a high level of confidence in the partners they deal with. – Gary Clarke, Global Learning and Development Operations Manager, Serco

Enter SAP

So Many Clients, So Many Requirements

With a wide variety of contracts to hire, train and manage compliance for, Serco was faced with a number of tasks that required large-scale management and coordination. SAP was selected because it could easily be integrated into their system and help them hit the ground running with all of their recruitment, training and compliance needs. No small feat for a company as large as Serco.

Security, integration and recruitment were all major factors in choosing SAP.

SuccessFactors Learning is an essential capability that will help Serco recruit, up-skill, and retain the people needed to deliver great service now and into the future.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Early Reports Are Rave Reviews

After the first initial rollout of the global learning project, user feedback was very positive. Managers can track compliance, training performance and feel comfortable that it’s all over a secure network.

When training is intuitive and accessible, it’s easier for employees to boost their skills and get the job done.

Better Business

Keeping a £900 Million Client Happy

When your contract is riding on compliance, keeping on top of training and recruitment isn’t just a good idea. It’s a high stakes endeavor for Serco.
SAP SuccessFactors Learning is helping Serco meet and exceed client expectations while SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is helping them attract and hire the right people for the myriad of jobs they are tasked with staffing.

Better Business: Benefits


Attracting the Right People for the Jobs

SuccessFactors Recruitment Systems has made it easier for Serco recruiters to staff large-scale projects in a short time frame.

When you have a larger pool of qualified applicants, it makes it easier to hire the best people for the jobs.

Better Business: Run Simple

Seamless, Intuitive, Easy

From attracting the right people through all channels to sorting through applications and finding the perfect candidates and hires, SAP has helped Serco Run Simple.

1,000 Hires in 90 Days

Journey Ahead

Calculating the ROI of Learning

With compliance reporting firmly under control in the UK and more employees than ever before completing their training, Serco can focus on planning demand and measuring effects of their training efforts so far. And instead of chasing down employees to get that training, it can now focus on their long-term development. To that end, Serco is looking forward to introducing the SuccessFactors Succession & Development solution and adding more courses through SuccessFactors’ open content network.

We want to move beyond compliance and make our people say, ‘I want to get on that system and learn how to be a better manager. — Gary Clarke, Global Learning and Development Operations Manager, Serco Group plc
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