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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Insurance for around 31 million customers worldwide

Aviva is the United Kingdom’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance and asset management services. 

Aviva plc

£2.05 billion (€2.5 billion) – Operating Profit

Number of Employees
27,700 worldwide


London, England, United Kingdom

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP InfiniteInsight

Committed to building sustainable businesses and supporting a stronger society, Aviva uses predictive analytics to target the right customers with the right offers at the right time.

Customer Snapshot: History

Writing the History Books…of Insurance

People across the globe have been entrusting themselves, their families, and their assets to Aviva Group companies since 1696. Sir Isaac Newton was smart enough to insure his home with the Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society, a precursor to Aviva. Aviva companies were there to help salvage the damage when the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic. Sir Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy had policies with Aviva companies. But, while it has had an impressive 320 year role in protecting the people who make history, today it is helping everyday people around the world. That is what makes Aviva shine.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Business Built on 318 Years of Experience and Trust

From life insurance to general insurance to health insurance and asset management, Aviva is protecting people, their families, and their assets the world over. Products are sold online, through independent vendors, and via banks and other corporate partners to 31.4 million customers. In 2013 alone, Aviva paid out £27.5 billion in claims, proving that, when customers need it most, Aviva is there. That is what makes Aviva one of the world’s most trusted insurance providers.

Biggest in the UK.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Freeing People from the Fear of Uncertainty and Helping Them Get on with Their Lives

Crucial for any insurance provider, and a key priority for Aviva, is to maintain financial strength and stability to ensure that it can be the rock its customers can lean on in hard times. That means quickly paying claims and delivering on the promises it makes to its customers, shareholders, and business partners. With Aviva, customers can rest easier knowing, should any misfortune befall them, Aviva will be there to help pick up the pieces.

To connect with customers, Aviva has a respected global brand, strong customer service, comprehensive distribution channels, and an increasing presence in direct and online channels. To build on its success and further improve customer experience, Aviva is investing in three key focus areas:

Digital technology

Predictive analytics


By strengthening its IT capabilities to make communication more convenient and effective and to maximize the value of its customer data, Aviva can deepen relationships with customers to more clearly identify and meet their financial and protection needs.

The Challenge

Going on More than Just Gut Feel

Following its corporate success strategy, Aviva invested in predictive analytics technology with the goal to build propensity models for individual customer groups, rather than building generic models for all customers. With that, Aviva aims to avoid contacting customers too frequently, while at the same time improving campaign response rates and increase return on marketing.


Evidence-Based Marketing.

In the past, it has very much been done on what the marketers think might be good. They used gut feel. What we are trying to do is put the evidence into that system and say, because in the past this has happened, in the future we can do something better. – Margaret Robins, Analyst, Aviva plc

Enter SAP

Tailored Models, Automatic Analysis, and Clear Predictions

To achieve its ambitious goals in predictive analytics, Aviva realized that it needed a best-in-class solution that would equip it with significantly better modeling automation and allow new models to be created faster. After closely considering various offerings from top vendors in the predictive analytics space, it became obvious for Aviva that the SAP InfiniteInsight solution was the right choice to support its corporate strategy. Not only does the software provide automatic analysis of the individual contributions of hundreds of variables to a model, rather than manual inspection of a limited number of variables, it also enables marketing experts to create charts that help visualize the anticipated business impact of models.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Fast to Implement, Easier to Use

One of the primary advantages for Aviva was that SAP InfiniteInsight could be implemented almost instantly. The software is very user friendly, so the curve between learning what to do and doing it is short. Automatic selection of the variables means that the modeling of the data takes just half the time it used to.

Quick and Easy To Use.

The actual modeling part of the whole project after you’ve prepared the data takes half the time. You can press a button and you get it. – Margaret Robins, Analyst, Aviva plc

Better Business

Figuring Out What Works…and What Doesn’t

By optimizing customer interactions, Aviva is able to focus its marketing efforts and budget more wisely. With SAP InfiniteInsight the company can better understand which campaigns worked – or didn’t – for which customers, and be sure it is focusing the right offers to the right customers for maximum response.

Optimizing Customer Interactions.

Goal: 80% of sales from contacting 50% of the population

Better Business: Benefits

Fast, Flexible Models for More Frequent Analysis and Fresh Data

With SAP InfiniteInsight, significantly more propensity models can be created in a shorter period of time. There can be as many as 30 models in production at any given moment, helping Aviva ensure that it has the freshest data and can stay on top of the latest trends. The end result is more-successful marketing campaigns, which means customers are getting the offers they need, when they need them most.


personalized offers


campaign response rates


customer lifetime value


more creation propensity, with more than 30 models in production

Fresh data

to keep models up-to-date and capture the latest trends


The Proper Multivariant Model Makes the Difference.

Better Business: Run Simple

Hundreds of Variables per Person…Automatically

Now that analysts at Aviva are using SAP InfiniteInsight, they can automatically assign hundreds of variables per person to each model. And once the data has been aggregated, user-friendly dashboards make it clear to understand and interpret.
- Automation that allows many models to be built with ease
- Automatic analysis of hundreds of variables
- Charts that help experts visualize the anticipated business impact

50% faster - creating models in half the time

Just Press a Button, and You Get It.

Journey Ahead

The Future Lies in Analytics

As Aviva moves ahead into new markets, analytics-driven digital campaigns are at the heart of its marketing strategy. But the opportunities to maximize the value of customer data go beyond marketing new products and offers. From acquisition to retention to win-back efforts, the data could ultimately be used to create the products themselves. By getting to know customers better, Aviva is in a better position to meet their needs.

More Than Just Marketing.

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