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Customer Snapshot: Overview

>54,900 wind turbines reduce 60 Million tons of CO2 emissions annually

Vestas has been the leading innovator in harnessing the power of wind since they turned their attention to clean, alternative energy in 1979. Through steady, consistent growth despite occasional setbacks, Vestas is now the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy.

In 2013, the company turned their focus to building up their service division to make up 40% of overall revenue. In order to achieve this, they need a dedicated sales force that sells these services to existing turbine customers and those who have purchased turbines from outside vendors.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

€8.4 billion

Number of Employees

Industrial Machinery & Components

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live, Clean Planet & Climate Change


HCL Technologies Limited

Aarhus, Denmark

Customer Website

Line of Business
Sales, Service, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, SAP Hybris Service Cloud, SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

They implemented a digital transformation to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution to help the sales team support global customers and expand their services business. They also enlisted the help of SAP Integrated Business Planning to improve their ability to execute service agreements and make sure all parts are available whenever and wherever they are needed.

Customer Snapshot: History

Meeting the Changing Needs of a Developing World

Born from a simple blacksmith shop, Vestas has grown to become the world leader in wind power. While their products have changed greatly since 1898, the company’s trademark focus on hard work, customer service, and dedication has not faltered. In 1979, Vestas recognized the need for wind power. Since then, the company‘s determination to make wind a competitive energy source on a par with oil and gas has driven their unbridled success.

Wind energy currently accounts for less than 2% of the world’s energy production.Vestas expects it to account for 10% by 2020.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Using Smart Data to Generate Natural Energy

Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on wind power solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe. Through industry-leading smart data capabilities and an unparalleled 77 gigawatts of installed wind turbines (with ~63 GW under service), Vestas uses data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources to deliver best-in-class wind power solutions.


Vestas as a company has changed over the years, in response to the demands of the world around them. From a blacksmith’s shop to farming equipment to reducing carbon emissions through alternative energy, the company’s products have changed but their steadfast dedication and work ethic have persevered.

A global customer-base of power companies.

We deliver best-in-class wind energy solutions and set the pace in our industry to the benefit of our customers and our planet. – Vestas corporate mission statement

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Drive To Stay Number One

Wind power from Vestas’ more than 54,900 wind turbines now reduces carbon emissions by over 60 million tons of CO2 every year, while at the same time building energy security and independence. Vestas has delivered wind energy in 75 countries, providing jobs for around 18,800 passionate people at their service and project sites, research facilities, factories, and offices all over the world. With 52% more megawatts installed than anyone else in the industry, Vestas has achieved their goal to be the established world leader in wind energy.

77 GW of wind turbines in 75 countries Vestas has installed more wind power than any other company in the world

Today, everyone at Vestas works to ensure they deliver best-in-class wind energy solutions and set the pace in their industry to the benefit of their customers and the planet. The Vestas service division helps maintain wind turbines around the world, whether they are Vestas products or a competitor’s, to make sure the owners never miss an opportunity to catch a breeze and transform it into energy.


When turbines need servicing, Vestas is there to help.

The Challenge

Improving Sales Outreach for Service Contracts

For Vestas, the sales transaction doesn’t end with installation. Turbines can be a challenge for owners to maintain, and that’s where service contracts come in. Service contracts deliver a high profit margin, keeping Vestas involved well beyond the point of sale, and inserting Vestas into the equation even where turbines have been purchased from competitors. 


While Vestas services the turbines they sell on a reactive basis – responding to calls for help – the company realized the potential for a proactive sales force that could reach out to customers and drive service sales to existing and new customers alike. Recognizing the benefit of live status updates on customers’ turbines as well as real-time availability data on parts and crews stationed around the world, Vestas needed a live solution to help them deliver true best in class service.

Improving forecasting to improve customer service.

Enter SAP

An Easy Transition to Run Live

Seeing the power of this new strategy, the company looked to create a global online sales force management system. With an increased focus on service, the company also needed to stay on top of their supply and distribution of parts to make sure everything the technicians need is available for a service call. With task redundancy and outdated information as their main obstacles to achieving their goal, the company realized a technology upgrade with mobile, real-time capabilities was a vital next step.


Vestas decided to conduct workshops with various vendors to help identify the best way to proceed. From the start, the employees quickly realized that what they were looking for could be found via the SAP Hybris Sales Cloud & Service solution and SAP Integrated Business Planning. Since Vestas already had SAP software in place, the choice was clear.

SAP could empower Vestas sales and service teams to Run Simple.

We are pleased to partner with HCL, which has shown passion and flexibility in their efforts to meet Vestas’ requirements. I am looking very much forward to a partnership based upon HCL having the same goals and objectives as Vestas, by delivering value added services, best practices, and innovation. –Torben Bonde, CIO, Vestas
The team elected to partner with HCL Technologies to help the company meet their three-year goal. The goal of the partnership is to use HCL’s best in class processes and services to provide more flexibility and higher quality in terms of skills, scale, knowledge, and experience.
Whenever our customers reach out to us, we want to give them the right solution, right away. We turned to SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and SAP Hybris Service Cloud to accomplish that. –John Tholstrup Bendtsen, IT Global Business Partner, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Connections Simplified

In only three months, Vestas and HCL were able to roll out the new systems to their sales force. Sales leads from existing customers around the world can now be routed directly to the sales team, which wasn’t possible before.

Solid products and practices paved the way for a successful, quick implementation.

Better Business

Better Data Delivered Instantly
With demand planning through SAP Integrated Business Planning, Vestas‘ service division is now able to plan ahead to ensure spare parts are actually available as needed to reduce costs and provide fast, reliable service. 

With a new solution in place, Vestas is responding more quickly than ever to their customers’ needs. Customer information is updated and available in real-time, enabling service technicians to upsell customers during a field service call via mobile devices. Real-time supply information is also available to ensure the technicians have what they need on-hand for every call.

A new mindset in the cloud.

Better Business: Benefits

More Satisfied Customers

The new system is helping Vestas increase their footprint in the marketplace as the proactive sales team reaches out to drive new business. The improved customer service is also driving better customer loyalty with improved response time, thanks to the more than 6,000 field service technicians who are well-informed and prepared with real-time updated information.

Better service on-site.

Better Business: Run Simple

Better Global Data

While service technicians out in the field are providing better-individualized care and sales teams have stronger data to reach out to customers, the system is also working well on an executive level. The broad overview provided by the new solution allows the team to view the pipeline data as a whole.

Executives can now coach the sales team and jump in as needed using the mobile system. They are able to pull-up a bird’s-eye-view of the data or dial down to individual pipelines to strategize and plan for the future.

SAP helps Vestas work better and work smarter.

Journey Ahead

Proactive Planning

Vestas is now looking to become even more efficient in their emergency response services so they can show up with the supplies needed to provide quick, efficient service on demand. 


They aim to proactively predict when those services will be needed, and thus know in advance which spare parts and equipment would be necessary before arriving onsite to service a wind turbine. Unleashing the full power of SAP Integrated Business Planning is portending to be the perfect solution for such global aspirations.

Unleashing the full power of SAP Integrated Business Planning.

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