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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Responsible for producing 66% of Swaziland's sugar

In Swaziland, 25% of the adult population is infected with the HIV virus. This is largely due to poverty, lack of education, and availability of healthcare. Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation’s (RSSC) success in the sugar industry enables them to provide a safe haven for much of the local community. 

Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC)

€1 billion +

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Asset Management, Human Resources, Sourcing and Procurement

SAP Solutions

Lowveld, Swaziland

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
SAP Consulting

Consumer Products

As the first customer of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA in Africa, they expect to continue innovating, reducing costs, and passing along the savings to the people of Swaziland.

Customer Snapshot: History

Sweetness for Swaziland

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Crushing Cane by the Ton

The company manages over 15,000 hectares of sugar cane and harvests 2.3 million tons of cane to their sugar mills. The two mills crush the cane and deliver refined sugar to the Swaziland market.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Delicate Balance

Sugar production is a complex process, balancing the amount of water and sugar cane to make each day’s production run. Without the right mix, the company could incur costs of up to $100K a day. Real time insights into the business data can help alleviate risk.

The Challenge

Data, Data Everywhere

RSSC had 23 disparate, non- integrated systems which required increasing levels of maintenance.

Enter SAP

Farm to Factory Flow is Fundamental

The farm feeds the factory. If the yields aren’t right, they run the risk of starving the sugar cane. Electricity is their biggest expense, but it can be controlled. RSSC now has a clear understanding of their water and electricity requirements, and can be sure their sugar cane is grown economically. For example, if an irrigation pipe leaks, the SAP system can see it, and they will also have the ability to customize water output based on weather. From an HR perspective, employees can now apply for leave, view their salaries, and manage procurement all in real-time.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Integrating Data in a Higher Gear

SAP was able to deliver on 97% of RSSC’s requirements. Prior to SAP, if they wanted to change targets (the amount of water or fertilizer feeding the lawn) it would take up to two weeks. SAP HANA can process that level of work in just a few hours. Looking forward, they are confident in SAP’s global presence and passion toward innovation and are looking forward to future collaborations.

Better Business

Seizing the Opportunities

Already a successful company, RSSC seized an opportunity to significantly reduce costs and promote growth. SAP HANA gives real-time insight into electricity and water usage, and supplies the analytics to customize their output based on weather and other variables. The choice was clear, and the product was superior. SAP’s considerable global presence, and passion for innovation made them a comfortable fit for a company that will continue growing into the future.

Better Business: Benefits

Efficiency Brings Freedom to Innovate

RSSC’s managers can now dedicate more time and resources to innovation and less to “keeping the lights on.” Sugar accounts for 95% of their sales, and they hope improvements in data management will result in quicker automatic processes and on-time release of products, thus significantly cutting costs.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

A Profitable Investment

For too long, RSSC continued to use aging, disparate and disconnected data management systems to avoid the cost of updating. But the cost of slow and out-moded systems caught up with them. With SAP, they can dedicate more time to innovation. The updated analytics engine and an integrated platform enable the company to provide modern technology to both the farm and the factory.

Better Business: Run Simple

Finish Line in Sight: Project targeted for completion in April 2014.

Journey Ahead

 Onward with Innovation!  

The bus doesn’t stop here, and they are anxiously awaiting the next game changer from SAP.

We are confident that SAP will keep innovating and providing solutions for us. We are presently working closely with SAP Consulting and plan to deploy a large number of rapid deployment solutions in the future.                           —Rob Coombe, IT Director, RSSC
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