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Customer Snapshot: Overview

More than 4,000 new or redesigned products in 2014

Consumers of kitchenware, tableware, and decorative household items expect products that meet their expectations for quality, utility, and style. To gain an advantage in this highly-competitive market, Lifetime Brands asked SAP for help developing a mobile quality management app. 

Lifetime Brands

US$502.7 million

Number of Employees

Implementation Partner URL

Consumer Products

Garden City, New York, USA

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Dickinson + Associates

Line of Business
Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP ERP, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Mobile Services, SAP Quality Issue Management

Built on the SAP Mobile Platform, the custom app helps improve product quality by simplifying Lifetime Brands’ worldwide inspection processes, leading to fewer defects and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Snapshot: History

Decades of Making People’s Lives Easier

Originally a maker of kitchen knives, Lifetime Brands today manufactures thousands of products that help people prepare and serve food, entertain guests, and decorate their homes. Their trusted brands include Farberware, KitchenAid, Pfaltzgraff, Gorham, and Guy Fieri.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Creating High-Quality, Appealing Products for the Home

Lifetime Brands operates in two business segments. The wholesale segment manufactures, markets, and distributes products at multiple price points to housewares retailers including mass merchants, specialty stores, department stores, supermarkets, membership clubs, off-price retailers, national chains, and via online retailers. The retail direct segment markets and sells a limited selection of their products through Lifetime Brands websites for Pfaltzgraff, Mikasa, Lifetime Sterling, and The English Table.

A family-owned, public company that awards innovation. 

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Culture of Innovation and New Product Development

Lifetime Brands makes it easier for people to prepare, cook, and serve food at home. The company provides consumers with innovative products for every lifestyle and budget by using the latest available design tools, technology and materials. Innovation is at the heart of the company. Lifetime Brands’ in-house design and development teams make up nearly 10% of the company’s workforce. They continually create new products, redesign existing products, and create packaging and merchandising concepts.

Ensuring products are 100% safe and functional. 

The Challenge

Elevating Standards for Product Quality and Social Responsibility

Lifetime Brands sources their products from more than 400 suppliers located in North America, Europe, and Asia. With so many global suppliers, Lifetime Brands inspectors were challenged to keep up with product and social compliance inspections.
Product inspection was largely a manual process during which inspectors at the factory would take notes on paper and pictures with their mobile phones and then e-mail the information to another office where someone else had to match the notes to the photographs. Social compliance inspections were also paper-based and reports usually took days to complete.

Enter SAP

Customization and Mobility

Lifetime Brands wanted to help their employees be more productive, reduce defects that affected customer experiences, and conform to the rules of social accountability. Already using quality management in SAP ERP, Lifetime Brands inquired about automating processes and developing a mobile quality management solution.

 SAP Mobile Services explained how they could help build a custom application on the SAP Mobile Platform, and SAP Quality Issue Management would be able to automatically set and deliver activities directly to inspectors’ mobile devices.

Allowing inspectors to work anywhere, anytime - even without internet access. 

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Smooth Integration, No Business Interruption

SAP Services developed a project roadmap and SAP partner Dickinson + Associates helped implement the solution. Multiple systems were integrated onto a single platform in less than one year and within budget. The transition to the new solution was immediate, going from the paper-based method one day to running the mobile application the next.

Better Business

Simplifying Business Processes to Elevate Customer Satisfaction


The SAP mobile solution runs on inspectors’ iPad minis. The custom interface allows SAP Quality Issue Management to set inspectors’ activities and the app to geotag inspections, take photographs, and scan barcodes. The information captured during an inspection is sent back to SAP Quality Issue Management, which determines whether a product passes or fails, and immediately generates reports and delivers them to relevant stakeholders.

Because of the SAP Mobile Platform, Lifetime Brands is able to elevate employee productivity and product quality, thus improving customer satisfaction. Plus, the company is better able to ensure social compliance, which helps protect the health, safety, and fundamental rights of all workers throughout the Lifetime Brands supply chain.

Accelerating the “go-to-market” cycle. 

Better Business: Benefits

Inspectors’ Reports Arrive in Seconds


SAP lets Lifetime Brands work with a number of different technologies, which gives inspectors and the company greater flexibility. Reports that used to take up to four days to complete are now done in seconds. Lifetime Brands analyzes data with analytics solutions from SAP to identify trends in the marketplace, study sales, manage inventories, and get goods to market quicker.

Lifetime Brands’ goal with SAP Quality Issue Management is to give the customer the ultimate experience with their brands and products. Developing the mobile app on the SAP Mobile Platform gives Lifetime Brands a competitive advantage for delivering quality products faster and reducing the return rate of products.

Simplifying the inspection process.

Better Business: Run Simple

Remote Data Gathered for 10,000 Inspections and Counting

Lifetime Brands can now centrally direct their inspection processes, remotely gather information, and send it back to the SAP platform for analytics. When an issue is identified, the system notifies the right people in real time. 

Perfecting the ultimate customer experience. 


More than 10,000 inspections have been completed so far using the SAP Mobile Platform solution at Lifetime Brands. By running simply, Lifetime Brands has realized a marked reduction in quality issues.

“A system that makes things work.”

Journey Ahead

Looking Forward by Looking Back

SAP solutions are helping Lifetime Brands gather a tremendous base of information that the company plans to harness to develop future plans for products and quality improvements. Lifetime Brands’ strategy is to deploy the SAP Mobile Platform app to other company divisions and duplicate the successes they have already accomplished.

Lifetime Brands’ goal is to grow. 


 Because of the impact on product quality and their subsequent benefits to customer satisfaction, Lifetime Brands is focusing on putting even more information into their SAP environment.

A solid partnership for the future with SAP and Lifetime Brands.

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