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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Nearly 30% of all women worldwide use NIVEA

With brands like NIVEA, Eucerin, and Labello, Beiersdorf AG has been making great skin care products for more than a century. And today, real-time insight into brand and product performance helps keep this company a leader in the industry. That’s good news for millions around the world who use Beiersdorf products every day for beautiful and healthy skin.

Beiersdorf AG

€6.14 billion

Number of Employees

Consumer Products

Hamburg, Germany

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Demand Signal Management, SAP HANA

Customer Snapshot: History

Looking Good for More than a Century

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Passion for Skin Care

Quality skin care has been Beiersdorf’s key competence for more than 130 years. And with NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie, the company has three of the world’s most successful global skin care brands. Their well-respected brand represents state-of-the-art skin care, reliable quality, and a strong focus on the consumer.
As an international branded consumer goods company, Beiersdorf is present throughout the world. Their business is divided into three geographic sectors: Europe, North America, and Asia/Emerging Markets.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Two Essential Ingredients

Focus on Skincare. Closer to Markets. These two elements form Beiersdorf’s consumer business strategy. Although Beiersdorf is already a leading global manufacturer of skin care products, they constantly strive to gain deeper and faster insights into their market.

Beiersdorf tries to anticipate consumer wishes and fulfill them with innovative products.

The Challenge

Global Brand Managers Need Real-Time Insight

To stay ahead of the competition, the company has to identify and align to local consumer needs and react quickly to new market developments. Global brand managers need real-time insight into brand and product performance at a granular level. They also need to be able to track and compare their market share against the competition so they can quickly respond to market changes.

But that’s not an easy task when selling products in nearly every country around the world.

Enter SAP

Clear from the Start

From the start, it was clear to Beiersdorf that traditional reporting and analytical solutions couldn’t serve the needs of the company’s targeted user group: the brand managers. The most important criteria was to find a relevant front-end solution that these managers could use intuitively.

Beiersdorf chose to implement the SAP Demand Signal Management application powered by SAP HANA.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Design Thinking Delivers

Beiersdorf’s brand managers were continuously involved with the project. Working with SAP and using the design thinking approach, Beiersdorf was able to implement a solution that fit perfectly with their needs – one that supported smart visualization and navigation for big retail data, but that could also be used intuitively without any further explanation.
Design Thinking is a process for creating innovative ideas and solving problems. One of its basic principles is to work closely with your target user group in order to learn about their structure, characteristics, needs, and motivations.

Better Business

More Effective, Data-Driven Decisions

Beiersdorf’s brand managers now have the tools to move beyond the basics of gathering, cleansing, and manually analyzing their data. With real-time results, Beiersdorf can develop new market insights and make more effective, data-driven decisions.

Better Business: Benefits

Turning Tedium into Timely Results
What used to be a very long and laborious reporting process can now be done automatically.
~400 market research databases across 10 product categories in 20 countries
Beiersdorf has automated their data harmonization processes and dramatically reduced the lag time between global and local market reporting. In addition, the underlying SAP HANA platform allows Beiersdorf to gain new analytical viewpoints into various product attributes. This enables them to collect more market intelligence and detect key reasons for market share developments.

And thanks to enterprise-wide use of market research data, business units across the company are benefiting from greater insight.

Better Business: Run Simple

Instant Market Information Makes Management Happy

At Beiersdorf, time-consuming and error-prone manual market reporting is a thing of the past. Brand managers now have real-time insight into brand health, overall market competition, and both local and global market share development.

Journey Ahead

Bringing Skin Health to an Ever Expanding Market

Ultimately, Beiersdorf wants to expand the scope of their SAP Demand Signal Management implementation. They will do this by tapping into additional sources of syndicated data, as well as by adding more countries, products, and reports to their new analytics environment.

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