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Keeping the Crossroads of America safe

The State of Indiana, also known as the Crossroads of America, responded to a rising trend of fatal accidents by teaming with SAP and KSM Consulting to help determine the safest travel routes for commuters, and best position first responders should an accident occur.

The challenge

Major interstate highways criss-cross the State of Indiana. Every year, drivers travel over 80 billion miles on its roads. When fatal traffic accidents increased by an alarming 7.5 percent between 2014 and 2015, Indiana’s State Police, Department of Transportation, and Management Performance Hub joined forces to search for ways to try to reverse this rising trend.


What was causing the spike in accidents? No one could point to an obvious cause, but the team realized that the answer must lie in the accident data. If they could uncover a pattern, they might be able to identify where – and when – future accidents would most likely occur.


But this complex task would require the right analytics software and the right experts – so they contacted SAP and KSM Consulting.


Steering clear of trouble

Relevant data was collected from multiple state-wide agencies and sources, with a focus on past crash sites. Historical driving patterns for time of day, day of week, and major holidays were added, plus collision counts and causes. This data was then integrated with road and weather conditions, construction zones, and traffic volumes. Then the team put SAP predictive analytics to work.

What was created was the Daily Crash Prediction Map, an intelligent tool powered by SAP HANA. It gives law enforcement agencies and city planners a fact-based way to foresee probable crash sites. It enables first responders to reduce response times by placing themselves in the best position to react should a crash occur. And, most importantly, it helps motorists find the safest roads.

Citizens can now access the tool, so they can quickly check on the route they’ve chosen to follow. The map uses color-coding to show the level of risk within each marked square across the state, during any particular 3-hour period.

Helping the world run better

An inspired solution

Here’s how it works. The solution analyzes data, including prior crash sites. Insights help to identify locations that may be susceptible to crashes in a given 3-hour period. Hot spots appear on the map, alerting motorists to pick safer routes.

A better outcome

Since the app was launched in November of 2016, citizens have been able to leverage it to determine the best route to take when traveling. And first responders now have relevant info to position themselves in the best place should an accident occur.

A better industry

Data and citizens are playing an active role in making their roads safer. And, one by one, forward-thinking U.S. states are recognizing the transformative potential of digital technology.

A better world

Safer roads and transport systems are a specific target of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. Every year, so many lives are lost to avoidable traffic accidents. Intelligent analytics tools can be a way to help reverse this trend.

Achieve more with SAP

Do you have a vision for a better world? Realize it faster with the right partner and the right technology. SAP HANA – the powerful in-memory data platform – can give you the real-time insights you need to turn your vision into reality.

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