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À propos de SAP Canada 

Société filiale de SAP SE, SAP Canada a son siège social à Toronto (Ontario). Active sur le marché canadien depuis 1989, SAP Canada est au service de ses clients dans tout le pays, et elle exerce d’importantes activités de recherche et développement dans ses laboratoires de Montréal, Toronto, Waterloo et Vancouver. Pour plus d’information sur SAP SE, consultez notre site mondial d’entreprise. Disponible en :

Enable lasting success and wellbeing at work and in life

Help ensure your workforce is thriving, happy, and resilient in a rapidly-changing global economy with experts from the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice.

Help your employees unlock their potential

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness reduces your tendency to react on autopilot, allowing you to choose how you respond without dwelling on worries for the future or memories of the past. 

History and objectives

Beginning in 2012 as a grassroots initiative to help employees thrive in a rapidly changing global economy, our mindfulness program is now deeply anchored in SAP’s culture.

Highly-trained mindfulness instructors

In partnership with the not-for-profit Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), we’ve trained selected SAP employees in the emerging field of teaching mindfulness in corporations. 

Integrated Mindfulness Practices

In these videos, learn how your team's culture can benefit from mindfulness practices just by integrating simple techniques – inspired by – that bring positivity and productivity to your work day. Additional mindfulness practices will be launched soon.

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A minute to arrive

Become present and focused before starting a meeting at work, or whenever you begin a new work task with others.

Three breaths

Take three mindful breaths to refresh, be more present, and make a choice about what to do next.

Mindful walking

Learn how to reduce stress and become energized just by taking a mindful walk.

Mindful eating

Learn how to pay attention to the experience of eating and drinking, even when you're busy.

Head-body-heart check-in

Learn how to create a moment of higher-resolution self-awareness before presentations or important conversations.

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SAP employees trained on the two-day “Search Inside Yourself” course in 56 locations.


mindfulness ambassadors in more than 25 SAP locations.


participants in our virtual community.
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