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As a participant in our award-winning Global Finance Rotational Program, you have  the unique chance to gather comprehensive knowledge about our global finance and administration board area . We foster your personal development with an extensive learning curriculum and support from subject matter experts and a personal executive mentor throughout the program, as well as two international rotations.

Your program experience

Grow into a highly qualified, well-networked finance all-rounder with international experience.

18  Months, four rotations, and two international experiences

During our 18-month program, you will spend four rotations in one of the listed rotation areas. Two of these rotations will be abroad.

  • Corporate functions: The corporate rotation supports you in receiving an understanding of the strategic perspective of finance. By working in our headquarters, the initial parent company, you are involved in developing strategic guidelines for the company as a whole.
  • Field finance: The field finance rotation focuses on field-related accounting, controlling, and deal support operations in the respective region. Here, a strong customer focus is inevitable to support your sales colleagues.
  • Shared service centers: The shared service center rotation gives you insight into the shared delivery activities of the main finance processes at SAP. Help delivering and understand the making of cost-efficient and high-quality services and drive the optimization of our processes.
  • Cloud Business Group: Gain experience in one of our formerly acquired cloud companies in the United States.

Depending on where you are hired, your home location will be either Walldorf, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bangalore, India; or Manila, Philippines.

Dr. Toni Thielen
Head of Global Finance and Administration Academy

The Global Finance Rotational Program provides talents with the unique chance to develop their functional and professional skills and to increase their cross-cultural understanding in an international environment, while working for different finance departments within a multinational company.

What current participants say about their experience

Julius Meinl
Global Finance Rotational Program 2019 – 2021

It's truly amazing how well the program is perceived and how everybody is willing to help and share their knowledge.

Tifani Uzunovska
Czech Republic
Global Finance Rotational Program 2019 – 2021

The program is the perfect opportunity to meet and network with different employees and managers across SAP. It also gives you a comprehensive overview of the different departments and activities within global finance and administration.

Kilian von Dosky
Global Finance Rotational Program 2019 – 2021

The program is a unique opportunity for young professionals to start their career at SAP and to get an holistic overview of SAP’s global finance and administration board area while building an extensive global network. The SAP culture and the flexible set-up of the program allow me to extend my knowledge in areas which best suit my interests and capabilities in order to drive my personal and professional development.

Eric Kim
United States
Global Finance Rotational Program 2019 – 2021

Since the Global Finance Rotational Program provides such wide exposure into many different areas of global finance and administration, it is perfect for anyone wanting to kickstart their career at SAP. Also, because of the program’s reputation and visibility, program members have access to an array of leaders and teams in global finance and administration that they can reach out to further develop their careers and network.

Yitong Teng
Global Finance Rotational Program

The SAP culture has allowed me to learn widely through networking, overseas stints, knowledge transfers conducted by colleagues in my rotational departments and sharings with my fellow batchmates. It’s great for anyone who wishes to have an overview of finance functions and a taste for overseas exposure.

Lara Sautter
Global Finance Rotational Program

The program has a well-conceived general setup for a career within the finance and administration board area and at the same time it provides enough flexibility to be tailored to my capabilities, interests, and learning needs to suit my personal and professional development best.

Douglas Ong
Global Finance Rotational Program

On an ongoing basis, I receive dedicated support to help ensure that I achieve my developmental goals and am given quality assignments during my rotations.

Jeremy Rubenstein
United States
Global Finance Rotational Program

After just one day of onboarding at the SAP global headquarters in Walldorf, I felt proud to work for a world-class company that values curiosity, collaboration, diversity, and innovation.

Applying for the Global Finance Rotational Program?

Here’s what to expect

Get to know us better

Do a little digging to make sure SAP is the right fit for you. Read about our strategy, business goals, products, and people. And check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more social channels.   

Sign up for our talent community

Recruiting for the Global Finance Rotational Program begins in Spring 2021. Create your profile in the SAP talent community to receive an alert when recruiting opens. We are currently hiring for positions in the Czech Republic, Argentina, Bangalore, and Manila.


  • Graduation from an accredited university with a Bachelor's degree in business administration, preferably with major topics in finance and accounting
  • Minimum of two internships within a finance department is a must
  • International experience working or studying abroad is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Agile mindset
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure
  • Strong team player

Are you interested in the program? Let us know and we will inform you as soon as we start hiring. 

Pre-assessment and phone interview

The recruiters will review your application and assessment results. If there is a match with the hiring profile, the recruiters will contact you for a phone interview with the operating department, and our academy for global finance and administration. The personal Skype interview allows you to get to know us and the program better.

In-person assessment day

If you are among the top candidates, you will receive an invitation to join an in-person assessment day, to meet the team and go through a few simulations alongside other top candidates.

Most new hires at SAP want to hit the ground running – and we can help with that. We’ll assign a buddy and a mentor to guide you through your first month and beyond. Your buddy will work in the same team and office as you. He or she will answer all your day-to-day questions – like who’s who and where you can find the cappuccino machine. Your mentor will be a senior employee in your field. He or she will help you increase your knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive environment – and provide guidance on your work deliverables. In addition, our onboarding programs will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and tools you need to get up to speed quickly.

Onboarding process

Prestart portal

Learn everything you need to know about your new role at SAP in the weeks leading up to your start date. Browse company information, performance reports, policies, employee blogs, FAQs, and more.

Local onboarding

Attend an in-person or virtual welcome session and meet your manager, buddy, and team. Set up your IT equipment, complete onboarding documentation – and learn about your location, payroll, and benefits.

Global onboarding

Learn how to navigate SAP in a 90-minute virtual session offered on a weekly basis. You’ll hear about SAP’s history, strategy, culture, self-service tools, learning and development opportunities, and more.

Global Finance Academy onboarding

To ensure a good start at SAP, the Global Finance Academy organizes a two-week on-site workshop in our headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. During the workshop you have time to gain a deeper understanding about our organization as well as the opportunity to get to know your fellow trainees and build your network.

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