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Manufacturing Operations Solutions

Increase process visibility and performance

Improve your plan-to-produce process with SAP software for manufacturing operations. Execute batch-managed materials precisely with continuous, in-process control. Gain details on batch lifecycles and quantities with built-in reports, enabling product traceability. Enable production operators to better meet quality standards by using receipts and process instructions. Enhance decision making with automated transfer of production results and real-time updates on performance.

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Constraint Based Production Planning

Shorten lead times at low cost with constraint-based production planning in the supply chain

  • Enable fast and responsive production planning by closely linking planning processes to manufacturing execution.
  • Maintain quality products and decrease costs by reacting quickly to changes on the plant floor.
  • Improve customer service by increasing visibility into manufacturing capacity and responding quickly to new demand.
Production Scheduling

Help ensure feasibility of production plans with integrated production scheduling

  • Tightly integrate production planning with scheduling and execution for a detailed view of inventory, capacity, and material flow.
  • Schedule resources optimally by considering finite capacity, sequencing and setup, and material availability.
  • Address many industry-specific sequencing requirements with configurable multilevel production scheduling.
Basic Production Execution
Move quality products faster through production execution

Align production execution with plans using our solutions:

  • Use order-confirmation and work-in-process functions to integrate with materials and quality management, plant maintenance, and controlling and financials that update automatically
  • Streamline production plans and schedules with real-time information from customers, suppliers, and plant floor
  • Better manage raw-material procurement, production, stock transfers, material requirements, logistics, receipts, and delivery to customers
Production Warehouse

Improve your enterprise productivity with efficient production and process material flow

Improve your visibility and optimize enterprise material movements between warehousing and production operations through synchronized material flow with SAP software for production warehouses. Stage materials that are required for production and process operations in production supply areas in timely and required quantities, to support efficient consumption during the production process cycle. Improve your enterprise productivity, supporting agile manufacturing principles.

Quality Management and Compliance

Exceed expectations through optimal quality management and compliance

Run enterprise-wide, closed-loop quality manufacturing management processes using our quality management and compliance solutions:

  • Prevent deficiencies, improve process improvement continuously, and sustain quality control
  • Gain visibility to continuously improve operations and produce high-quality goods at low cost
  • Help ensure compliance with regulatory and manufacturing regulations
  • Reduce operating costs, limit poor product quality, and meet customer and stakeholder expectations
Enterprise Performance Management

Enable continuous improvement with integrated, accurate operational performance data

Integrate knowledge and disparate software solutions by reporting live data and passing it in a generic way to other systems with SAP software for enterprise performance management. Quickly connect and integrate a wide range of manufacturing systems for reporting and system collaboration. Resolve operational issues with communication and data sharing in near real time.


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

View product documentation

Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


Reimagine the way you do business with SAP Digital Business Services

Businesses everywhere are transforming into digital enterprises – but it’s not always that easy. SAP Digital Business Services can help guide your transformation journey every step of the way, from strategy to technology implementation and beyond.

Our experts take a holistic approach, helping you identify and implement new processes and capabilities while ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly. We’ll work to make sure your SAP software delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value as you address the evolving demands of the digital economy. 

SAP Leonardo kicks off €2B IoT plan

Introducing the IoT portfolio that connects all your things, devices, sensors, people, processes, back-end systems, supply chains, and customers. Plus a jump-start program to help you launch your IoT initiatives – fast.
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