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SAP Managed Services 

Run data-driven, tested, and secure solutions with SAP application management and other services

SAP Managed Services has been helping customers reduce IT complexity and costs for over 15 years – and we’ve adapted our services for the digital age. We offer proactive SAP application management services as well as managed security, data, testing, and cloud services at affordable subscription-based prices.

  • Cost-effectively run your solutions on any platform
  • Drive continuous solution and process improvements
  • Rapidly test and deploy the latest SAP innovations
  • Integrate and optimize your data environment
  • Improve application security and minimize risk

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We help the best run better

SAP Managed Services can help best-run even better with end-to-end intelligent SAP operations for your enterprise, such as application management, managed testing, security and data services for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. Making the most of your SAP software and accelerating your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Explore SAP Managed Services

As your managed services provider, SAP acts as your extended team. Let us help manage your applications, data, security, cloud environment, and more – so you can free up more of your time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives.  
SAP application management services

Get 24/7 application monitoring and support. With our application services, a team of SAP experts proactively detects and fixes potential problems, immediately responds to incidents, handles software maintenance, and helps drive continuous improvements across your solution landscape. Let us help you manage solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass, and the SAP HANA database.

  • Continuously monitor the health of your SAP on-premise, cloud, and hybrid applications
  • Get immediate response to events, trends, and developing situations – and fast remediation
  • Use automated systems to proactively detect and fix problems and alert experts
  • Prevent incidents that could negatively impact productivity, customer loyalty, or your bottom line
  • Access a highly skilled team of consultants with deep solution knowledge and expertise
  • Receive quantifiable insight into improvement potential for your systems and processes
  • Improve application lifecycle management (ALM) – from application deployment to modernization


SAP application management services solution brief

Video: SAP Managed Operations Control Center

Managed testing services

Make IT improvements without compromising business continuity or system performance – with SAP application testing services. These services help you seamlessly adopt new solution releases, create and execute test strategies, and implement repeatable quality control processes for “business as usual” or transformation activities.

  • Develop a road map to adopt new solution releases without business disruption
  • Thoroughly test new solutions and ensure they align with business process plans
  • Improve quality control processes for new applications and boost end user satisfaction
  • Support continuous IT innovation – and achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • On-board an application support team early to ensure a successful go live


Learn more about our managed testing services

Managed security services

Ensure your SAP on-premise, cloud, and hybrid applications are protected at all times with SAP managed security services. Our experts proactively monitor, protect, and control the safety of your solution environment, reduce vulnerability in the cloud, detect and remediate threats, and address risk and compliance issues. We have an excellent track record of software application and IT security – and continually work to stay ahead of the latest threats.

  • Get continuous insight into the security of your SAP applications and infrastructure
  • Use application-aware firewalls to enhance both security and performance
  • Proactively address threats and take advantage of real-time incident management
  • Reduce threat levels and the associated corporate and financial risks


Learn more about our managed security services 

Managed data services

Adapt your enterprise data architecture and models to support Big Data and IoT applications – with our data management services. This SLA-based offering can help you establish a solid end-to-end data model that spans cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Simplify your day-to-day operations, maximize process efficiency, power new business models, and more.

  • Let SAP experts plan, prepare, manage, and optimize your data environment
  • Get actionable insights in real time and effectively respond to business challenges
  • Use streaming Internet of Things (IoT) data to drive process automation
  • Rapidly adopt new innovations on a stable data foundation – without disrupting business 
  • Proactively manage data reliability, and feed high quality data into applications 


Learn more about our managed data services

Continuum of care with managed data services for the digital transformation


Explore our cloud managed services 

SAP Managed Services are available for cloud solutions such as SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Cloud Platform – and the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system. 

Private & public cloud managed services

We offer technical and functional application services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition. For public cloud solutions – including SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris, SAP SucessFactors and SAP Cloud Platform – we focus on integration and interfaces to create a holistic cloud experience.  

Managed services for SAP Cloud Platform

With these SLA-based services, SAP experts take over the administration, configuration, monitoring, and enhancement tasks for your SAP Cloud Platform. We offer 24/7 IT support and expertise, high availability, and optimal performance at a low TCO. 

Managed data services for SAP Leonardo

Designed specifically for SAP Leonardo customers, these managed data services cover everything from data consulting and provisioning to consolidation and integration. They make use cases based on real-time insights, analytics, and automation possible. 

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