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Accounting, Financial Close and Tax Management

Automate workflows to support faster, leaner accounting processes while helping ensure you fulfill regulatory requirements.

Streamline reconciliation and consolidation processes and enable compliant reporting



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Unified entity and group close reporting

Access a single source of truth for local operational and group-level data, and drill down from consolidated reports to transactional data.

Continuous accounting

Achieve real-time performance monitoring and identify and correct issues pre-close. Distribute workloads continuously and evenly over the accounting period.

Advanced group consolidation features

Enable collaboration across embedded intercompany reconciliation processes, and support inter- and intra-segment elimination with innovative reporting functionality.

Closing templates

Start with best-practice entity close content; use sequencing and dependencies to fit your organization’s needs; reuse templates across multiple companies and cycles.

Closing automation

Increase the efficiency and speed of your close with automation routines; execute jobs across your landscape; give your team intuitive, self-service access to closing transactions.

Monitoring and insights

Achieve real-time insight into your financial close process and ensure the quality and governance of each close to meet regulatory disclosure mandates.

Single platform for reporting and transaction execution

Connect SAP ERP source systems and non-SAP ERP source systems.

Adaptable rollout

Implement a phased rollout by organization, location, system, and process;  reduce risk through a side-car deployment approach; phased onboarding of SAP S/4HANA.

Accelerated adoption and ROI

Leverage integrated integration capabilities, roll out the functionality you want, when you want, with a customized deployment.

Company-wide repository for tax compliance

Create, optimize, and manage your compliance checks – from value-added taxes to custom duties, and beyond.

Centralized platform for remediation activities

Streamline comprehensive remediation with one platform and facilitate tasks orchestration through an automated workflow.

Machine learning automation

Improve efficiency across simple prioritization of check failures, decision-making recommendations, and automated correction.

Systematic check of tax-relevant data

Gain reliable compliance insights by screening tax-relevant transactions in nearly real time and without ad hoc spot checks.


Holistic dashboard, from e-documents to reporting 

Gain real-time insights through a centralized dashboard, so you can handle corrections and tasks accurately and quickly.

Automated e-documents and smooth corrections

Automate the transmission, digital clearance, and reconciliation of company transactions based on Peppol and local standards.

Digitized reporting, from preparation to submission

Manage and submit obligations electronically worldwide with a compliance calendar, from e-invoices to statutory reporting.  

Extensibility platform to extend and create scenarios

Create and extend scenarios in a few steps to promptly respond to emerging needs while eliminating technical debt.

Streamline reconciliation

Integrate with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA through automation, bridging complexities to speed closings.

Connect finance and accounting processes

Unify people, information, and technology and support continuous accounting and improvement.

Automate labor-intensive financial close and compliance processes

Reduce or eliminate routine manual tasks and increase visibility and standardization with intelligent workflows that help accounting and finance focus on high-risk areas and support ongoing business strategies and policies.

Centralized intercompany processing

Initiate, approve, and book transactions; enforce intercompany trading relationships; enable transaction creation as well as validation, workflows, and substantiation.

Intercompany reconciliation and settlements

Automate matching of intercompany transactions; create reconciling items for unmatched dealings; reduce transactions required for settlement between entities through bilateral netting.

Global view with transparency and control

Consolidate settlement balance information between entities into one location; gain the highest degree of data integrity and regulatory compliance; boost visibility into aggregated, bilaterally netted payables or receivables between entities.

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