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The future of business has feelings

There’s often an astounding disparity between how you think customers feel about your products and services and how they actually do feel.

Operational data (O) – like costs, revenues, and sales – show what is happening in your business. But you also need experience data (X) to understand the feelings of the people involved and why things are happening.

SAP Experience Management solutions combine X-data and O-data. By collecting experience data at every meaningful touchpoint, you can analyze and understand experience gaps – and determine what to do about them.
Your company can then automate actions across business functions to drive improvement in customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

  • Human Resources
  • Customer Experience
  • Spend Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Experience
  • Spend Management
  • Supply Chain
Human Resources

Support employees at work and in life

Great employee experiences aren’t just about free food and ping pong tables. They’re about supporting your people in moments that actually matter – in both work and life. By combining X and O data, you can predict and prevent burnout, make individuals feel valued, and more.

Customer Experience

Proactively meet customer needs

It’s never been easier for customers to determine which companies provide stand-out experiences – and which don’t. By combining X and O data, you can deliver the stellar, personalized experiences that get rave reviews and grow your business.

Spend Management

Create a people-centric spend process

Connect your X and O data so that you gain the insight you need to meet employee needs and deliver on customers’ ever-changing requirements.

Supply Chain

Give customers what they want – now

People have more choice than ever. By connecting X and O data, you can run a smart digital supply chain that provides the individual delivery, service, and product experiences people crave.

Are you delivering the best possible
customer experience?

Find out how your customer experience compares

Take this free 20-question assessment to evaluate your customer experience (CX) maturity level and performance. You’ll receive a customized report on your program's strengths and weaknesses, along with guidance based on proven success.

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Experience Management in action

Delivering better faculty and student experiences

Tecnológico de Monterrey is a large university system with 26 campuses in Mexico. Learn how they’re using SAP to improve the employee experience and give faculty opportunities to grow – so they can in turn offer better educational experiences to students.

Improving a neighborhood, one experience at a time

See how we helped improve the experiences of downtown Manhattanites for a day, from turning a parking lot into a flower garden to setting up a sidewalk commuter lounge. With SAP Experience Management, you can understand what people really want – and give it to them.

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