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Get Started with Integration Suite - Open Connectors

Simplify and speed up application integration

Build seamless integrations efficiently with the prebuilt Open Connectors capability in SAP Integration Suite. There are more than 170 connectors with standardized authentication, connectivity, content, and more to simplify integration and to help unify developer experience across applications and services.
  • Options for prebuilt API connectors or build your own
  • Prebuilt resources for common or custom use cases
  • Formulas sync systems, migrate data, automate workflows, and more
  • Central location to monitor logs and metrics

Achitecture for this use case

Solve the problem with SAP Business Technology Platform

What is the challenge?

Integrating third-party apps is challenging as each is unique. Understanding each set of traits and writing point-to-point connectivity logic increases implementation time as well as maintenance efforts.

What is the solution?

The Open Connectors capability in SAP Integration Suite unifies the developer experience across apps and services and creates a unified API layer and standards-based implementation. 

What is the outcome?

Build desired integration easily, seamlessly, and efficiently with more than 160 third-party cloud applications.

Pricing and Packaging

Estimate your price

Customers can use the SAP Business Technology Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required. Consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.

Dive deeper into this use case

The Discovery Center offers comprehensive information about the services needed to run this use case as well as detailed technical information.

Bill of materials

Learn more about the services you will need to run this use case and gather additional technical details and implementation strategies regarding this use case in the Discovery Center.

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