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SAP and Sodales Solutions

SAP and Sodales Solutions work together to empower regulated businesses to improve enterprise labor relations and safety.

Protect the health and safety of your workforce

Whether you’re a public sector organization, utility provider, or engineering, construction, or operations firm, you can streamline the entire workplace management lifecycle. Sodales Solutions extends SAP SuccessFactors solutions with applications built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

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Why Sodales Solutions?

Sodales Solutions provides SAP customers with global regulatory compliance through cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions. Its employees across Canada, the United States, and India have developed, packaged, and sold applications based on SAP BTP since 2015. Over that time, the company has created an SAP endorsed application and won four consecutive SAP Pinnacle Awards since 2018.

Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management

Run a complete, integrated environment for managing health and safety incidents with country-compliant forms, claims, and more.

Tuition Reimbursement

Use a role-based security design to create tuition reimbursement requests and process them with an automated, rule-based workflow.

Job Bidding Portal

Enable HR administrators to quickly set up job bidding rules based on seniority and competitive bidding areas (CBA) policies.

Discipline Management

Track discipline steps by configuring workflows and seniority rule engine and templates with thresholds and follow-on tasks.

Labor Relations

Support HCM processes, including grievances, discipline management, arbitration, seniority, reporting, and CBA policy maintenance.

Labor Relations and Safety for Higher Education

Integrate process compliance across all best practices, supporting tenure, sabbaticals, seniority, grievances, safety, and more.

Recommend industry-specific best practices

Facilitate relevant cross-organizational methodologies, including global pandemic support for COVID-19 traceability measures.

Standardize information tracking

Create a standard list of eligibility rules, so you can audit reimbursement requests and approvals from managers and employees.

Generate transparent reports

Offer the opportunity to review bidding status across all levels, narrowing down to qualification criteria and details.

Enhance fairness and visibility

Foster a fair environment for all employees, based on impartial treatment and a standard set of rules and reason codes.

Manage labor relations meetings

Investigate scheduling for assessing and choosing labor relations officers to organize upcoming meetings more effectively.

Help ensure regulatory and legal compliance

Support compliance with case management flows for regional legislative procedures for OSHA, WCB, WSIB, EAP, ADA, and more.

See how this partnership helps solve real-world problems

With Sodales Solutions’ cloud extensions, many SAP customers have improved business operations globally while enhancing employee health and safety.

Boosting global risk reporting and employee safety

Explore how Woodbridge prevented organizational risks and improved the employee experience while meeting changing business needs.

Improving unionized labor relations and compliance

Find out how Puget Sound Energy transformed the user experience through automation and streamlined communication reporting.

Improving performance with a digital experience

Explore how The Coca-Cola Company’s Bottling Investments Group enhanced its employee experience and compliance with flexibility.

How Sodales Solutions accelerate HCM innovation

Innovate, build, and monetize your SAP BTP solutions

In this episode of the Let's Talk Data podcast, learn about Sodales' innovation approach and reliance on SAP BTP, their thoughts about the SAP Store, hiring criteria, and more.

Improve workplace health and safety

Take a more proactive and connected approach to your enterprise health, safety, and environmental management practices.

Create a culture of safety for all employees

Discover why the importance of a well-managed, digitalized workplace health and safety program goes beyond regulatory mandates. 

Sodales: Finalist for the 2022 SAP Pinnacle Awards

Sodales is a finalist for a 2022 SAP Pinnacle Award in the SAP Store category and the Partner Application – SAP BTP category. 

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Kick-start your SAP solution implementation by working with an award-winning SAP partner, Sodales Solutions. 

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