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Female STAR student working on her laptop in an office

SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program

Learn, Contribute and Launch your dream. 

Find mentors and enthusiasm in the SAP community and launch your dream! 

Welcome to the SAP Vocational Training(VT) / Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program in Korea. This is amulti-year, paid rotational training program designed to help students jump-start their careers at SAP. Students can work full-time during study breaks and part-time/full-time during the academic year.

Supported globally, our integrated learning program provides students with real-world experience at SAP. As a VT/STAR Program participant you will have the opportunity to rotate across several SAP business areas with structured coaching and mentoring from leaders and experts. Most of our students will work in either Presales, Sales, Services, CE&X (Customer Engagement & Experience) or R&D (Research & Development) areas.

At the end of the program and your studies, you may have the opportunity to be considered for full-time employment at SAP.


New hires globally in 2020

What's in it for you?

  • Gain real-world experience in one of the world's top software companies
  • Get exposure to cutting-edge technologies
  • Receive structured training in soft skills, business acumen, and technical skills; paired with coaching and mentoring
  • Contracts with different working hour options depending on your coursework
  • Network with SAP employees through cultural and technical club activities
  • A great opportunity to turn your internship into a full-time job at SAP 

Create your own career path





VT/STAR Program in Customer Success helps you to develop your professional and technical skills prior to graduation. You will have an opportunity to expand your skills and experience by working in various fields of business such as Sales, Presales, Services, and CE&X (Customer Engagement & Experience).

For 18 months, you will receive structured development and coaching from leaders across SAP's customer success organization teams to solve some of the complex business problems using leading edge technologies and business software. There are various networking and collaborating opportunities with international colleagues. You may even volunteer to organize the global networking events as a project leader.


Do you want to start a successful career in the software industry? Are you interested in Database, Could, and Analytics? Then VT/STAR Program in Technology & Innovation is the perfect opportunity for you!

In our Program, you have the opportunity to experience exciting and innovative projects and research right from the start. This 18 months program allows you to have at least 3 rotations across different teams or projects to receive hands-on, on-the-job learning experience with SAP’s latest technologies, solutions, and business practices.

You can be sure you will work collaboratively with an industry-leading experts around the world in the best work environment with the highest level of infrastructure.

Thinking about joining the SAP STAR program?

We are looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about helping businesses and the world run better and improving people’s lives
  • Can translate vision into reality and make an everlasting impact
  • Are not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • Communicate effectively in an international environment
  • Are ready to partake in global scale projects and to become a potential leader

Bring everything you are. Become everything you want. Here at the heart of Seoul with SAP. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Students will ideally be studying in a Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, or Business field to apply for the SAP VT/STAR Program; although those with other backgrounds are welcome to apply. Students from any university may apply to the program but students must be able to commit to the program structures below.

We are looking for students who have completed at least 5 semesters and expect to graduate by the time the program ends.Students work with us full-time during their university breaks and then work part-time (20 hours/week) or full-time during academic semesters.

Hear from the SAP VT/STAR program students

Phillip Kim

SAP Global VT/STAR Program provides a great opportunity for participants to experience how top-tier companies are run. By working with peers and seniors, with expertise in various fields, interns will get a first-hand working experience and develop their personal capability level. Through the VT/STAR Program, participants can also get experience in how B2B company is run across numerous industries.

Minho Lee

I participated in the project of cardinality estimation based on machine learning as the VT intern of the Research & Innovation team in SAP Labs Korea. It was a meaningful time that I could earn practical experience by writing codes & comparing implemented models. Also, I was able to develop my presentation skills by sharing the knowledge I gained while studying for the project. One of the greatest advantages of being a VT intern in SAP Labs is that I could have a variety of experiences while studying at my college.

Chaeyeon Lee

Through the SAP VT/STAR Program I encountered how to help leading companies make decisions with software solutions and I was able to develop their communication skills through tasks with intern colleagues. In particular, I was able to apply the knowledge gained from school into practice by using the study-work parallel system; which is the main source of the STAR program. It was a meaningful time to experience the advanced culture of global companies and listen to career-related advice from partners.

Jinnie Kim

I am currently working on the Job Training as a Business Technology Platform consultant within the Digital Technology Services organization. SAP supports extension development through the SAP Business Technology Platform to keep pace with the Cloud era and allows you to experience and learn technology knowledge based on network, Cloud, and infrastructure directly from field projects. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to use strategic communication skills between customers and global experts. I highly recommend participation in the SAP VT/STAR Program not only in sales and services, but also for those who want to build a technology-based career!

Huisu Kim

By participating in the SAP VT/STAR program, I was able to improve my job position understanding of Pre-sales and Consulting. As a member of SAP, without being trapped in the framework of an intern, I was able to directly participate in the project and understand various industries as well as see and feel SAP' smore autonomous and horizontal culture.

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