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Screenshot of bot-building functionality within SAP Conversational AI

Revolutionize user experiences with chatbots

Manage business tasks smoothly by deploying powerful conversational AI interfaces with our end-to-end bot building platform.

Technical Requirements

View technical information and documentation for implementing, managing, and configuring SAP Conversational AI.

Getting started with SAP Conversational AI

Learn key concepts of the platform that help you build and deploy an enterprise-ready chatbot.

Leveraging APIs and SDKs

Make your bot building easier by creating a layer of helpers on top of our natural language processing API.

Discovering our latest features

Stay up-to-date with improvements deployed on the platform by reading our product changelog.

Security guide

Learn how to manage user access and roles, connections, policy management, monitoring and diagnostics, and security features.

Deployment scenarios

SAP Conversational AI services are deployed in the cloud and are available as software as a service (SaaS).

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