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Customer-Centric Merchandising

Improve loyalty and conversion with unified marketing and merchandising

Bring marketing and merchandising together to overcome business process and data silos and create a unified view of customer demand.

Merchandising Intelligence

Leverage sales data and use insights to analyze merchandising performance to improve the profitability of merchandising decisions.

Product Design and Development

Optimize private label development with visibility into work in progress with SAP solutions.

Master Data Management for Merchandising

Centralize master data management for merchandising to improve productivity with real-time insight.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Achieve corporate goals by creating profitable merchandise, channel, and assortment plans.

Pricing and Promotions

Optimize omnichannel pricing and promotions throughout the product lifecycle across every channel.

Merchandising Intelligence

Improve business performance with master data integrity and data-driven insights to uncover trends, opportunities, and issues.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Deliver personalized experiences in real time, increase conversion rates, and build loyalty by using the SAP Marketing Cloud solution to create dynamic customer profiles and gain full transparency into the performance of marketing plans.

SAP Customer Activity Repository

Improve demand forecasting and maximize promotion and assortment effectiveness with a unified data repository that collects multichannel customer and point-of-sale data in real time and makes it ready for consumption by other applications.

Omnichannel sales analytics

Gain customer insight and generate marketing insight based on consumer activities across channels.

Category, trends, and performance

Support merchandise category performance analysis for retail to reduce revenue loss and improve merchandise planning processes.

Consumer demand forecasting

Unify demand forecasting to support accurate planning and predictive insights based on consumer demand.

Distribution curve analytics

Optimize inventory levels using size distribution curve analytics.

Transfer and storage of sales and inventory data

Capture and store sales and inventory data from all sales points to improve analytical capabilities in merchandise-related processes.

Product Design and Development

Bring marketing and merchandising together to overcome business process and data silos and create a unified view of customer demand.

SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management

Collaborate throughout the private label development process, from product development and execution planning to in-house and outsourced development and manufacturing operations.

Idea management

Translate your best ideas into successful, innovative products, services, and business models.

Integrated product development

Accelerate product ideation and development with real-time tools that integrate the design process.

Integrated recipe development

Speed time to market through collaborative product development and significant efficiency gains.

Portfolio management

Align portfolios with strategy, while analyzing risk and performance in real time, with SAP S/4HANA.

Project management

Plan, execute, and monitor projects in real time to minimize deviations in schedule, cost, and scope.

Engineering product cost controlling

Keep product costs and quotations in line with strategic targets.

Project resource management

Identify the optimal resources required to budget, plan, and execute projects with SAP S/4HANA.

Handover to manufacturing

Simplify and accelerate the transition of engineering master data into manufacturing production data.

Master Data Management for Merchandising

Run your omnichannel retail business on one version of the truth with disciplined governance of master data management for merchandising.

SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia

Harness the power of trusted, up-to-date master data with the information, tools, and control you need to optimize business processes.

Global data synchronization

Improve the reliability of master data by participating in global data synchronization in SAP S/4HANA.

Product data governance

Improve the quality and consistency of article master data with product data governance.

Product data management

Maintain master product data efficiently through mass updates to retail transactions in SAP S/4HANA.

Product taxonomy management

Manage product hierarchies efficiently with product taxonomy management functionality in SAP S/4HANA.

Distribution curve

Use the distribution curve for generic articles to automate planning, purchasing, and sales.

Season, collection, and theme management

Manage seasons for products centrally and consistently – from purchase to delivery.

Value-added service management

Integrate value-added service management in sales and purchasing processes.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Simplify and streamline the planning process to maximize sales and margins, while reducing the time to plan.

SAP Merchandise Planning

Define financial targets and build merchandise plans across channels and product hierarchy levels with SAP software that helps you design planning simulations across flexible time horizons and product dimensions and dynamically manage KPIs.

SAP Assortment Planning

Customize assortments by channel to appeal to customer preferences, maximize profits, and minimize inventory and markdowns by clustering selling locations and designing the optimal product mix based on consumer insights and sales behavior.

Store and account clustering

Create intelligent groups and cluster store locations or customer accounts in real time.

Merchandise planning

Create financial plans for your merchandise hierarchy using next-generation merchandise planning.

Option planning

Plan the number of product choices to offer customers to achieve defined sales targets before selecting and planning products.

Assortment planning and optimization

Plan and optimize sales and margins through tailored product assortments.

Assortment management

Offer the right products in the right locations and streamline the process using SAP S/4HANA.

Store layout management

Plan store layouts and integrate store layouts with space management systems to optimize your space.

Pricing and Promotions

Know how offers will perform before executing them in the physical and e-commerce store with real-time predictive analytics that speed insight and action.

SAP Promotion Management

Create optimal and personalized marketing campaigns with a comprehensive solution for designing retail offers and marketing campaigns, providing digital previews, and preparing them for advertising execution across channels.

Retail price management

Sell more by strategically managing pricing across retail sales channels and locations with SAP S/4HANA.

Markdown management

Increase margins and maintain profits by improving markdown management strategies.

Promotion planning

Enhance promotion planning management across your enterprise.

Promotional offer management

Create and manage comprehensive promotional offers efficiently with SAP solutions.

Consumer demand forecasting

Unify demand forecasting to support accurate planning and predictive insights based on consumer demand.

Omnichannel price and promotional offer execution

Calculate sales prices and promotional offers for shopping carts in respective sales channels.

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