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Enable the SAP Translation Hub service

By ianarm

Enable the SAP Translation Hub service in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.


You will learn

To use SAP Translation Hub, you first need to enable the service in the cockpit.

Step 1: Choose tile for developer account

In the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, choose the tile for your personal developer account.

access menu to open service catalog
Step 2: Open the service catalog

Choose Services in the navigation area on the left.

open service catalog
Step 3: Locate the SAP Translation Hub service

Search for the SAP Translation Hub service by entering Transl, and then choose the SAP Translation Hub tile.

Find Translation Hub service
Step 4: Enable the service

Choose Enable.

choose enable
Step 5: Verify that service is enabled

After you enable the service, your screen should look like this:

verify enabled state

You can now use the SAP Translation Hub service.

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