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SAP Community Support

Information for those who seek SAP Community support. It includes a list of ways to contact SAP Community team and find help with SAP products.


A list of ways to contact SAP Community team and find help with SAP products:

Report Community Bugs

A bug is when a functionality isn't working as it should. For example, you click "like" for a blog post and nothing happens. When you encounter a bug, please create a discussion (using the tag "Using") explaining what occurred including relevant links, images and if possible a video showing the issue. The SAP Community team will then review your submission and reply accordingly. If we will not be able to resolve your issue right away we will follow-up and you will get a notification once we post an additional reply. Please note that sometimes not everything that the user thinks is a bug is actually a bug. When something functions as intended but not in a way that you prefer -- that's not a bug. If you dislike a feature, you should share your feedback following the process explained directly below.

Share Community Feedback

We welcome your opinions and comments about the new community platform. Let us know what you think we should improve and point out features that may be missing. Please do so by posting an idea in our idea place session.

After you submit your idea, we will follow-up by replying to you and update idea's status (e.g. Archived, Approved).

When sharing feedback please also remember to provide relevant links, screen shots, and a clear description of your idea/proposal.

SAP Community Support Inbox

If you require SAP Community related support that isn't related to bug/feedback issues, please send an Email to SAP Community Technical Support. ( Please send SAP Community moderation related inquiries to moderators inbox (

SAP Product Support

Use the SAP Community search to find related content to your topic.  If you don't find an answer to your query, post a new question.

If you’re looking for SAP product downloads, knowledge base articles, and the ability to open an incident with SAP Product Support, see:


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