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Moderator Spotlight


Moderator Spotlight

Moderator spotlight is a blog series where we highlight significant SAP Community moderators and show our appreciation for their contributions.


Moderators are essential to SAP Community daily activities. They guide, motivate, advocate, uphold the rules and much more. Moderator spotlight is a blogs series where we highlight and thank significant Community moderators and show our appreciation.

Please find here the list of moderators that were already featured.

SCN Momentum - Issue Number
Moderator Spotlight Blog
Issue 1 Denis Konovalov
Issue 4 Matt Billingham
Issue 3 Vladimir Pavlov
Issue 2 Caetano Almeida
Issue 1 Lars Breddemann
Issue 2 Ervin Szolke
Issue 1 Michael Appleby
Issue 3 Mohamed Amer
Issue 2 Andy Silvey
Issue 1 Siddharth Rajora
Issue 4 Jocelyn Dart
Issue 3 Grzegorz Głowack
Issue 2 Juergen Lins
Issue 1 Kesavadas Thekkillath
Issue 6 Mariana Mihaylova
Issue 5 Jan Stallkamp
Issue 4 Fernando Da Ros
Issue 3 Lakshmipathi Ganesan
Issue 2 Frank Koehntopp
Issue 1 Rob Burbank
Issue 6 Mauricio Ghem
Issue 5 Benny Schaich-Lebek
Issue 4 Theja Cherukuru (Sikindar)
Issue 3 Anne Fish
Issue 2 Juan Pablo Reyes
Please contact us to nominate a worthy moderator for an upcoming issue.
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