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Liad Barel Cohen

Scrum Master, SAP Cloud Platform Commercial Foundation and Services (CFS), Approuter team, Raanana, Israel

The newest technologies, innovation, spirit and the great people at SAP – let me come to work every day with a smile and enthusiasm, make learning and sharing an exiting habit, motivate me to embrace challenges and enable me to use and express my skills in the best way.

Liad Barel Cohen
Raanana, Israel 

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

Meet Liad Barel Cohen, Scrum Master at SAP. From humble beginnings as a student to 9 years later as a Senior SAP developer and Scrum Master.

Liad started working for SAP in 2008 as a student of software development. Her dedication and growing experience led her to become a senior developer. In addition to her work, over the past 3 years Liad has taken part in the leadership of SAP's Israeli D-Shop (developer makerspace) and is one of the co-founders of the Israeli lab D-Shop. “With this combination of opportunities, SAP brings together my professional and personal passions - people, technology, and innovation, and keeps me enthusiastic about my career direction”. In addition, Liad holds a BSC in Computer Science and Bioinformatic and MBA in Management of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Tel Aviv University of Israel.

Today, Liad leads a backend development team in SAP Cloud Platform (CFS). Liad says about her team, "I have the best team! I learn a lot from each one of my team members. We have created and accomplished incredible products and achievements together! I can say that we have surrounded by a very professional work environment."

As part of the scrum master role, Liad says that it is extremely important for her "to encourage and motivate each member of the team to achieve technical and professional progress, while at the same time create a positive, open, and collaborative environment." Liad concludes about her Scrum Master role, “I am very proud that my role at SAP allows me to empower, influence and educate colleagues. I'm happy that I can have a positive impact on professional, social and personal aspects and at the end of the day push the team, company, group and myself forward."

Over the years, together with team and project leading activities, Liad always takes a significant and active part in the practical development tasks. "It is highly important for me to constantly become more knowledgeable and aspire towards expertise in the various technological fields." Liad says that having a broad view of the product, as well as understanding the people who produce it, will bring about huge success and extraordinary achievements.

"I'm glad that I have the opportunity to instill passion for the product, as well as motivation for entrepreneurship, openness to new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. It always moves me to create a “spark” in the eyes of my colleagues while conducting discussions about new and innovative topics. Thus, I feel proud to work at SAP where I can combine my passions."

This is what Liad has to say about her D-Shop volunteering activities: "The target is to make technology accessible to employees in the lab, by exposing them to new gadgets and technologies and allowing them to learn and experiment. Also, to maintain a lab community of D-Shop heroes (technology enthusiasts) and drive synergy between the lab business/products and D-Shop. In addition, I aim to be a driving force for innovation in the lab." Liad summarizes this: "The extensive reach of SAP in diverse up-to-date technologies, the innovation activities/opportunities and the Lab's flexible work environment allow, encourage and push each one of the employees to explore and take calculated risks."

As part of being a D-Shop leader and by her passion for innovation and technologies, Liad took part in managing and driving numerous activities such as workshops, several large-scale events per year (including organization of several D-KOM hands-on activities). She initiated cooperation with the Raanana municipality, took part in collaboration with Israeli startups, wrote 2 patents and also took part in both innovation forum of her previous group and in the entrepreneurship program. "SAP Labs is a home for innovation!"

"The team develops service for Cloud Foundry to enable a simple environment to rapidly develop, manage and run lightweight applications with secure connection to on premise and cloud backend services, we develop in node.js in GitHub. The team is responsible for the E2E process, from design and involvement in product definition, implementation, tests, all devOps activities and more. I feel that our contribution to SAP is huge – thanks to us, SAP maintains a competitive position in the PaaS market, reduces TCO for both SCP customers and partners and increases developer productivity."

Liad adds about her family, "I'm happily married and a mother of two wonderful children – a 5-year-old son and a 1-year-old baby girl, both born into a new world that is being constantly changed and renewed. I think that my private life, outside SAP and the leadership life in SAP are integrated, complement and empower each other. SAP encourages and supports work life balance and integration."

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