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Jing Ye

Data Scientist at SAP Service Cloud ML Development team

Jing's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

At SAP, I’ve had the opportunity to build something from scratch and that makes me feel that I am really doing something that matters and contributes to the team in a significant way.

Jing Ye

To me success means a sense of accomplishment. At SAP, I’ve had the opportunity to build something from scratch and that makes me feel that I am really doing something that matters and contributes to the team in a significant way. Plus, the improvement of products that our team has made results in great business value for our customers.

I’m Jing Ye – a Data Scientist at SAP Service Cloud Machine Learning Development Team. Machine Learning and AI are still new areas to many industries. As such, we data scientists are like adventurers on a voyage without having a detailed chart.

Our team consists of both data scientists and software engineers. Machine Learning or AI is research work among a small group of people in academia, and part of a real product that can serve broader audiences from individuals to companies, improving operation efficiency, and making a successful transformation to the digital era. That is exactly what we are doing.

Today, we are developing new cases such as Service Ticket Categorization, Knowledge Recommendation, and Smart Reply Recommendation for Service Agents. I am currently focusing on data science research topics around NLP, PoC on dataset from co-innovative customers, and development of new models in production.

I am originally from Ningbo, a city located on the east coast of China. I moved to New York City to complete graduate school. I came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016 and by chance I made a new friend who was working for SAP. I heard lots of good things about SAP from that friend, so I applied for a data scientist position at SAP. At that time, what I knew about SAP was that it is a Fortune global 500 company dominating the world’s transactions. Moreover, reviews given by previous and current employees on Glassdoor were great – especially regarding the employee benefits!

Many people see SAP as a traditional enterprise software provider that is trying to transit from an on-premise to a cloud-based company, while growing slowly and unwieldy. When I joined SAP, many people around had the impression that SAP was conservative and playing safe. But what I see now is that SAP is really being bold and innovative, not to mention, several big acquisitions and lots of early talents as new hires. Fresh new grads tend to think in a creative way and more eager to explore new possibilities. I still remember when I just stepped out of school, hearing new technical names like cloud computing, microservices, container orchestrations, docker, spark, etc., and I felt excited. Now all of these buzzwords are happening in SAP. We are soaring into the cloud, bracing open sources, and containing mainstream technologies. We are partnering with other giants in the tech world. No one can deny that SAP is innovative. I’m inspired by our team t-shirts that say: “Build Things That Matter!” I believe we will make it happen!

Besides the innovation, one of things I most appreciate at SAP is the work-life balance. I personally pursue balance between arts and science. As an engineer, I must think logically and almost like a machine. But I don't want to be a machine-like coder. Therefore, I cultivate hobbies in the arts. During weekends, I attend small concerts performed by school staff from Stanford University, explore local museums in nearby city or towns, or read some books in a local cafe. I even joined a book club and we hold activities once a month. This year I have already finished 19 books so far! My favorite top 3 are – Everything in One Store, Does God Play Dice (A History of Quantum Physics), and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Overall, I think SAP really stays true to its vision of “people come first”. SAP really cares about the health and well-being of its employees. SAP respects its customers and understands customers will be the base for the world’s transactions. Moreover, SAP encourages employees to volunteer and give back to the community.

With such innovation, purpose, and well-being, who wouldn’t want to join SAP?! Joining SAP was the best career move I’ve ever made and I hope to stay here and innovate for a long time.

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