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Molly Bresnahan

Senior Business Process Consultant, SAP Ariba

Molly's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

At SAP, I have so many colleagues who I can depend on and who care.

Molly Bresnahan

Successful businesses run like well-oiled machines. Intelligently designed business processes, enabled by technology, make the seamless flow of transactions and data possible and companies more productive and efficient. But what happens when an organization needs to scale or change the way they operate? What do you do if you don’t have the time or know-how to document and improve on what exists?

Enter the Business Process Consultant. At SAP, our team of experts help customers document, organize, and review their processes, understand their goals and make informed leading practice recommendations to ensure that our customers’ can continue to run without disruption while securing the future of their organization.

Molly Bresnahan has been with SAP for almost 6 years. As a Senior Business Process Consultant for SAP Ariba, she is skilled in supporting end-to-end project implementations, including process design and improvements, business rule development, workflow and approval requirements, integrations to external systems, training, change management, project management, forecasting, budgeting, and more. Molly does it all and she loves what she does.

“I was a supply chain major at my university,” says Molly. “And after using SAP Ariba cloud software at my previous employer, I knew it was a good company and industry to work in.”

One of the solutions Molly consults on is Supplier Life Cycle and Performance (SLP), a platform that allows organizations to onboard and manage their supply base. When Molly started working with SLP, it was brand-new, and she successfully led the deployment of the first customer that went live with an integrated SLP solution.

With any new solution, she needed to educate herself on the offering, its configuration, and how partners and customers could deploy it. She worked closely with SAP customers to gather their feedback, both good and bad, and collaborated with a core team of consultants to share knowledge on how best to address our customers’ needs.

This is how Molly met Rashmi Shiva Prakash, a Senior Product Manager for SLP. For product managers such as Rashmi, feedback is key to ensuring that a solution is the best that it can be. Feedback can come from multiple stakeholders including customers and users, as well as internal sales, operations, infrastructure, and architecture teams.

When Rashmi was building SLP, customer requirements were top of mind. She reached out to Molly and her colleagues for input from customers who were using the new features. From their first interaction, Rashmi was so impressed and inspired by Molly’s well-defined use cases and feedback that they continued to talk more and more.

Over time, their collaboration grew and today they constantly discuss enhancements and improvements to the product. To date, at least 20 new features, functionalities, and fixes to the SLP suite can be attributed to their strong partnership.

When they had the opportunity to meet each other in person in 2019 at SAP’s office in Palo Alto, they were recognized as a best in class example of how we enable our customers to use SAP Ariba’s supplier management solutions successfully.

“It was amazing to be able to meet Rashmi after working together remotely,” says Molly. “It made it so much more special. I truly feel so fortunate to work with her and the Delivery team to validate use cases to ensure our customers’ success. Together, along with others, we helped to successfully deploy the new SLP UX and SLP reporting, as well as several smaller improvements to the SLP functionality. It has made me proud, but most importantly, helped us to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.”

Teamwork, initiative, and mutual respect are just some of the reasons why Molly feels empowered and supported at SAP.

“At SAP, I have so many colleagues who I can depend on and who care.” Molly said. “Never before did I think I could have any influence to shape the solutions SAP Ariba provides our customers. But the continued collaboration and alignment between the SLP delivery team and Product & Engineering allows me to do just that –and I am so proud to be a part of it!”

Meet Rashmi Shiva Prakash, one of Molly’s colleagues who she collaborated with on Supplier Life Cycle and Performance projects. She works for the SAP Ariba as a Senior Product Manager.

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