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SAP Early Talent Program for HR

Are you ready to kick-start a meaningful career and foster your vision of next-generation HR? Join SAP!

Talent community

Recruiting for the 2021 program has not yet begun. Create your profile in the SAP talent community to receive an alert when recruiting opens for 2021.

Be yourself – an innovator and thought leader


Game On for HR Early Talents!

New players joined the game! Meet the class of 2019 for SAP Early Talent for HR and watch how its kick-off played out in SAP headquarters at Walldorf.

What can you expect?

One year. Three rotations. Infinite possibilities.

Experience three HR teams

The one-year program provides the opportunity for you to rotate in three HR functions, including an international assignment. Rotations could take place in the following HR areas:

  • Total rewards
  • Service delivery
  • Learning organization
  • HR business partner
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent acquisition

International rotation

As part of a diverse global team, you will develop comprehensive knowledge of HR and SAP, as well as stretching your cultural experience.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Newtown Square, United States
  • Walldorf, Germany
  • Manila, Philippines

(Rotation in other locations will depend on business needs.)

Bärbel Ostertag
SVP, Global Head of Total Rewards

I truly believe that as leaders, it is our legacy to seed the company with great talent. And this is exactly what we do with SAP Early Talent.

Bärbel Ostertag
SVP, Global Head of Total Rewards

What’s in it for you?

Jude Parong
HR Early Talent Program 2017, Philippines

SAP Early Talent for HR strategically places you in three different teams to maximize your business potential and personal growth at the same time. There are endless opportunities to broaden your HR perspective and help you maximize your skills and strengths as you meet different people and see how they run.

Max Rosen
HR Early Talent Program 2016, United States

SAP’s HR Early Talent Program is the perfect platform for my development and career trajectory. Through cross-functional and cross-regional network expansion, experiences in each of the three HR organizations, and countless stretch assignments, I feel fully prepared to take on a huge variety of roles upon completion of the program.

Sharon Zhou
HR Early Talent Program 2017, China

SAP HR Early Talent Program will take you to meet different people in the world, let you experience different HR roles in the company and help you find the key to your future career.

Gio De Jesus
HR Early Talent Program 2018, Philippines

The coaching and mentoring structure of SAP is so great, that I have learned a lot during my HR Early Talent journey. From having coaching sessions with your peers and colleagues who are specialists in different areas and topics in HR to being mentored by subject-matter experts and HR leaders for trends and amazing HR topics, the HR Early Talent program and its network of experts doesn’t bat an eye on you, on your profile, expertise and background – you just have to be open to learn and grow with the people you work with in the team.

Lennart Keil
HR Early Talent Program Alumni 2015, Germany

Rotating across different roles, locations and cultures is one of the most impactful and exciting things to broaden your perspective. Thinking beyond silos allows you to learn about all facets of HR and critically reflect yourself.

Maike Kunz
HR Early Talent Program 2017, Germany

Being part of the SAP family in the headquarters in Walldorf enables me to develop myself in various HR skills & competencies. Responsibility for assigned projects and learning comes first within the program and supported me in becoming an HR generalist. I would highly recommend the trainee program to ambitious and HR interested graduates, to start a journey you will never forget.

Luiza Ramiento
HR Early Talent Program 2016, Philippines

The program did not only extend my horizon in terms of network and HR  experience, it also positioned my skills and strengths strategically so I can be fully maximized in the current and future roles. There is a wealth of opportunity and learning that awaits HR Early Talents.

Magdalena Gadermayr
HR Early Talent Program Alumni 2018, Germany

What I loved about the program is the opportunity to join three teams and explore different roles within and beyond of HR. It was a year that allowed me to better understand what my strengths are and which path I want to follow after the program ends. Although the program's duration is one year, you will receive an unlimited contract from the beginning and will continue your journey at SAP.

Frequently asked questions

What is the HR Early Talent Program?

The HR Early Talent Program is a full-time trainee program for fresh graduates or those with a maximum of 2 years professional work experience. Program participants rotate in 3 different HR functions, including one international assignment.

What is the program’s objective?

The objective of the program is to develop comprehensive knowledge of HR and SAP. Program graduates will be well-rounded and connected HR generalists with broad domestic and international experience.

How long is an international rotation?

The duration of an international rotation will be for three (3) months.

When does the program start?

The HR Early Talent Program starts every April and lasts until the end of March the following year.

What happens when the program is completed?

Depending on the strategic demands for each line of business in our global HR organization, a job in their home country is guaranteed for every HR Early Talent graduate.

How many HR Early Talents will be hired into the program?

Every year, we bring together 10-12 HR Early Talents from multiple locations worldwide.

Hear more about the HR Early Talent program experience

HR Early Talents and the Future

Listen to SAP HR Early Talents describe why they are excited to be an HR Early Talent, and hear their thoughts about future challenges in HR.

Simplification. Innovation. Standardization.

Meet SAPs HR Early Talent class of 2018 and find out what it means to be an HR Early Talent and what they have learned throughout their rotations.

Camille Pueyo
HR Early Talent Program 2019, Philippines

The HR Early Talent Program has been a gateway for me to expand my borders and learn about how HR works in a global perspective. The program has allowed me to grow my professional network as I become more exposed to working with different teams locally and internationally paving my way to become more versatile as an HR professional.

Himansh Sidhana
HR Early Talent Program 2019, United Kingdom

The HR Early Talent program has taught me many key skills in a very short space of time. Some of the key skills I would highlight that I have learnt are – how to deal with emotional intelligence, how to develop a growth mindset and working with constant change. I would highly encourage individuals to apply for this program to increase their HR knowledge and work with a highly skilled and talented workforce on a global scale.

Jenny Geisinger
HR Early Talent Program 2019, Germany

The HR Early Talent program is a great opportunity to get deeper insights into various HR functions, learn about their interconnections, and discover your own strengths. Furthermore, the program allows you to get to know a lot of great people and broaden your personal network locally as well as internationally.

Kristin Pastor
HR Early Talent Program 2019, USA

The HR Early Talent Program has allowed me incredible opportunities to get out of my comfort zone, experience new things, and grow as an HR professional. What is really amazing about this program is that we get to work with so many different people in the organization which allows for endless learnings.


Bring Everything You Are. Become Everything You Want.

Join the SAP HR Early Talent Program 2021. Create your profile our Talent Community to  receive an alert when recruiting opens.

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