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Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere, with our advanced CRM Sales solutions

Leverage advanced insight and engagement capabilities, as well as core sales force automation functions to go beyond traditional CRM. Give your salespeople the edge they need to accelerate productivity and sales performance, gain the insights they need to make quick business decisions, have 360 view of their customer and go from quote to cash effortlessly. Your sales teams will sell smarter everywhere - in the office, on the road, and even when they are offline.

Sales software that works the way you do – in the cloud

Watch the video series to learn how SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales can help you sell smarter, collaborate, and close more deals from anywhere – on any device.


Sell Smarter

As a salesperson, you have to make important choices every day – choices that impact your team, customers, and family. Discover sales software that helps you make the right calls.

Sell Anywhere

Where's your office? With SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, it’s wherever you are. The application delivers insight and agility on any device – so you can work and collaborate from anywhere.


In sales, no one wins alone. You work with a team – from product specialists to legal – to do more and close more deals faster. Choose sales software built around collaboration.

Close More Deals

The fun of selling does not stop once the deal is signed. Choose a sales application that eliminates administrative work – so you can spend more time celebrating your win.


Explore SAP’s solutions that go beyond sales CRM 


Seven strategies for selling smarter

Thought leaders and analysts concur that sales has changed and in order for you and your team to close more deals you need to move beyond yesterday’s CRM. It’s time to start engaging and winning throughout the customer buying journey.

Can your sales organization compete?

Organizations that track leads, prospect stages, and statuses in real time close 26% more qualified sales leads on an annual basis.* How does your company compare?


Having relevant conversations at the right time?

Take our online assessment to evaluate the performance of your customer engagement activities at each phase of the customer journey. Download your personalized report with results and recommendations to share with your team.

Découvrez les témoignages de nos clients

Essai gratuit - mieux vendre, partout, tout le temps

Vendez mieux, partout avec la solution SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales. Profitez dès aujourd'hui de SAP Digital CRM, une solution pensée pour les équipes commerciales de petite taille, qui intègre les mêmes fonctionnalités que notre version pour entreprises, SAP Cloud for Sales.  Soyez opérationnels en quelques minutes seulement et essayez gratuitement pendant 30 jours quelques unes des fonctionnalités commerciales. Lancez-vous dès aujourd'hui et dites-nous ce que vous en pensez !


Explore the future of sales

Get insight into the future of sales, including new trends and strategies – in this research report based on the views of 1,220 global business buyers. Understand the changing buyer and seller dynamic and learn how to secure more sales.

Top 5 retail execution strategies for 2015

Find out how to win at the shelf, and around it, with five key retail execution strategies. This new research report by EKN explains why and how to implement the strategies – and shows how manufacturers are using them to their advantage.

Sell smarter and engage to win

Learn more about SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales – and how it can help you meet sales challenges head-on in an increasingly complex world. Better understand your customers, including their unique challenges, industries, and business objectives.  


Increasing sales effectiveness in the age of insight

Read this IDC report to learn about the latest market trends – and discover how you can apply new strategies and modern solutions to increase your sales effectiveness in the age of insight, mobility, and social business.

Explore the hottest topics in sales and customer engagement


L'avenir de l'engagement client et du commerce

Don't miss out on the latest trends, insights, and evolution in e-commerce and customer engagement. 

Sales collaboration + customer insight = success

Leveraging all your customer information is the only way to succeed in the world of B2B sales today. Having the right tools in place makes it easier.

Do Millennials actually care about digital video marketing?

There may be 77 million sets of eyes seeing your content, but are they actually looking? Are your marketing messages actually get through to their intended audiences?


Réinventez votre mode opératoire avec SAP Digital Business Services

L'économie numérique pèse lourdement sur les clients SAP et exige un nouveau niveau d'orchestration pour faire évoluer votre activité, exploiter sa pleine valeur commerciale et garantir sa continuité. Les services SAP Digital Business vous aident à repenser votre activité à travers notre cadre numérique.

Avec plus de 40 années d'expérience avec les entreprises les plus avancées et un solide écosystème de partenaires, les services SAP Digital Business peuvent vous guider sur la voie de l'innovation et de la transformation numérique, tout en sécurisant vos processus métiers critiques.


Faites évoluer votre activité et innovez avec un conseiller qui vous connaît bien

Exploitez la valeur de votre investissement SAP et définissez votre feuille de route vers l'adoption

Profitez de conseils actifs pour garantir la continuité de votre activité tout en migrant vers les nouvelles technologies 


La formation et l'apprentissage SAP

Améliorez votre connaissance des solutions SAP, développez de nouvelles compétences et renforcez l'expertise de votre entreprise. Notre suite complète de formations logicielles, nos cours et nos certifications peuvent vous aider à optimiser la puissance de vos solutions SAP.

Small business shouldn’t mean small sales

Drive more sales with SAP Anywhere, the e-commerce bundle built specifically for small business. Equip your people with the sales forecasting, social selling, and CRM tools that help them sell more, faster – wherever they are.
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