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Solve tomorrow’s problems with smart data management

Choose your SAP software for data management


Harness the power of your data and accelerate trusted, outcome-driven innovation by developing intelligent solutions for real-time decisions on a single data copy. Run software securely across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments
  • Secure, future-ready in-memory data platform
  • Live intelligence with fast data processing
  • Advanced analytics with OLAP and OLTP processing

SAP Data Hub

Enable the agile management of data operations in a diverse landscape across your organization. Deploy an enterprise-ready solution that provides governance and orchestration for data refinement and enrichment by pipelining complex data processing operations such as machine learning.

  • Data refined and enriched in one place
  • Processing of data at the source
  • No need for mass data movement
  • All components executed on Kubernetes

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services

Enable large-scale data processing, for data lake, IoT, and Big Data analytics scenarios, on a comprehensive Hadoop and Spark cloud solution. Enjoy worry-free reliability and performance with a full-service solution, inclusive of infrastructure, software, operations, support, and security.

  • Fully managed and operated by SAP, in the cloud
  • Optimized for ease of use, scalability, and performance
  • Automated elasticity resizes environment as needed
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and security

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer

Streamline the planning-to-execution process by enabling all stakeholders to participate in planning, designing, and governing their data and processes – speeding up development, improving the accuracy of data and solutions, and assisting in security and compliance.

  • On-premise and SAP Cloud Platform deployment
  • Translation of strategy to technical requirements
  • Architecture and technical artifacts generation
  • Collaboration across disciplines

Create an intelligent digital management strategy

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five-year ROI with SAP HANA.


higher percentage of data completeness for organizations with enterprise information management.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

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Create powerful, enterprise-wide data pipelines

Hear from industry experts about key data trends, including “translytics,” spatial analysis, and machine learning, and learn how you can get more value out of your data.

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