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Release Highlights

Explore new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

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Review the top features included in the latest release of SAP Analytics Cloud and get insights into how our new features and innovations can benefit you.  

Featured Highlights

Updates to workspaces

Workspaces are popular virtual repository partitions for SAP Analytics Cloud administrators to delegate content administration based on departments, geographies, or any organizational set-up. Several enhancements to workspaces were delivered:

  • Cross-consume content within workspaces for creating content in other workspaces.
  • Move and copy content between public and personal folders, and workspaces.
  • Assign teams as workspace administrators in addition to user assignments.
  • Display team description in workspace management.

Understand the impact of cycles on predictions

A new set of visual information is now available in SAP Analytics Cloud, Smart Predict to explain how cycles in time series impact predictive targets when working with planning models:

  • Highlight each detected cycle pattern
  • Drill down from detected cycles to visualize their impact on targets.
  • Show the impact on the target at the time granularity that best highlight it.

Generate value driver tree subtrees automatically

The value driver tree (VDT) has been a powerful feature in SAP Analytics Cloud for simulation and planning. Its functionality is now expanding with the ability to generate subtrees automatically at any level of the VDT based on other dimensions. You can auto-generate subtrees:

  • in the entirety of the VDT structure or a substructure only.
  • based on dimensions within the model that haven’t been used within the VDT nodes.

Execute external RESTful API calls in multi action sequences

The new RESTful API step within the multi actions feature empowers SAP Analytics Cloud users to execute external REST API calls in a multi actions sequence. It can trigger execution logic in SAP and non-SAP target systems. This step can be chained with other steps such as data actions, data imports or predictive forecasts, allowing more complex end-to-end workflows.

Retrieve data in Microsoft Excel with SAP.

Users of the add-in for Microsoft Office for SAP Analytics Cloud can now insert a Microsoft Excel-like function in cell-based custom formulas to retrieve and display data in the grid. The new SAP.GETDATA function returns the data value for any given combination of a dimension and a member. It has the following arguments:

  • Table: enter the table name in quotation marks.
  • Dimensionnand member: enter the dimension ID followed by the member ID in quotation marks.
  • You can enter several combinations of IDs.

You can insert the function outside or inside the existing add-in table and it persists on refresh.

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