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SAP SQL Anywhere Database Management Features

Keep data safe and synchronized, from the data center to the device, with SAP SQL Anywhere.

Learn about new features

Read about the new features and component-level changes in the latest release of SAP SQL Anywhere.

Product Capabilities

Rapidly design and deploy embedded database applications with these powerful solution capabilities.

Enhanced data synchronization

Support bidirectional data synchronization between mobile devices and corporate systems and link thousands of remote and mobile users to enterprise systems and data. Develop and deploy database-powered applications at the point of action.

Improved security features with data encryption

Protect assets with 128-bit encryption of database tables, files, and communication streams among applications, the database, and the MobiLink synchronization stream. Audit data access and enhance security with built-in user authentication and integration with third-party authentication systems.

Extended mobility

Manage enterprise data anywhere, from the data center to devices. Access enterprise-caliber databases that operate on frontline systems and devices, whether or not connectivity with enterprise systems is available, and exchange data efficiently over wired and wireless networks.

Access to instant insights

Facilitate fast and accurate decision-making on the front lines of your business by streamlining the collection and analysis of data required for critical tasks. Enable integration with the SAP HANA in-memory business data platform and other data sources.

In-Memory Database

Run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions and get accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second. By eliminating predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication, SAP HANA offers real-time data at your fingertips.

Improve outcomes and operational efficiency

Boost business value with real-time analytical insights, and see how companies can realize an average five-year return on investment of 679%.

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP is committed to delivering software that is usable by individuals with disabilities. Although our applications include many accessibility features, they are currently not fully optimized for accessibility. You may need to provide client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with SAP solutions.

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