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Shrink costs and increase profits with strategic procurement practices

Streamline your procurement processes – while reducing risk – using automated approval flows that support efficient collaboration with suppliers. Improve vendor and contract management with targeted spend management and analysis.

Solve your specific procurement needs

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Bring suppliers and buyers together to streamline procurement

Allow your employees to follow procurement guidelines, without having to read them first, so they can quickly and easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers.

Discover what is possible in your role today

See how SAP Ariba helps Finance, IT, Procurement, and Supply Chain to succeed in the organization.

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fewer steps in the invoice payment process.

American Eagle customer data


reduction in purchase order processing time.

JM Family Enterprises customer data


automation of purchase order line items.

Clariant customer data

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Ariba

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Streamlined global P2P processes with SAP Ariba solutions

See how JPMorgan Chase facilitates collaboration and automatically processes purchases, increasing contract compliance.

Enhanced procurement simplicity with SAP Ariba

Discover how standardized processes help Nexans Group gain a unified view of e-procurement activity and increase supplier value.

Slashed PO process from weeks to hours with Ariba Network

Hear how automated procurement efficiencies help Dole trim its 16-day purchase order process to just a few hours.

Learn how leading CPOs excel with procurement

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Discover best practices for improving procurement operations and performance, and the management strategies and tactics that leading CPOs use to get the most from their teams.

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