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Engage the digital citizen

Run a citizen-centric government that improves people’s lives by embracing digital transformation and innovation.

Support the digital citizen revolution

Engage, interact, collaborate, and transact using citizens’ preferred self-service Web sites, social media, and mobile apps.

68 %
Improved citizen experience

68% of governments cite improving the citizen experience as their number-one priority.

72 %
Time savings

72% of people said they were most likely to adopt digital services to save time.

62 %
Innovation expectation

62% of citizens expect public service organizations to use innovative technologies and solutions.

Serving a new generation of citizens

Enable citizens to engage, interact, collaborate, and transact anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Drive transformation based on citizen expectations

Meet rising citizen demands for government interaction, while delivering better services at a lower cost. SAP solutions can help you unify the full citizen experience with intuitive self-service, while reducing costs of ownership and service.

Engage a new generation of citizens

Learn more about key transformation drivers for digital citizens, the benefits of omnichannel communications, and a potential path for the citizen engagement journey.

Empowering city governments

Meet citizen expectations for a retail-like experience when engaging with public sector organizations.

Recognize that engagement is not just for brands

Citizens expect governments to know who they are and how best to connect with them – consistently and across channels.

Identify the keys to building a smart city

Most of the world’s population will soon live in cities. Experts agree that citizen engagement is essential to building smart cities and supporting growth. 

Create a better citizen experience

Find out how Auckland combined eight local governments into one and improved citizen services in the process.

Putting citizen engagement within reach

Begin your citizen engagement project quickly, with little impact to back-end projects.

Increase citizen satisfaction

Learn how to quickly launch a citizen engagement platform using modern, market-leading technology. SAP Commerce Cloud, citizen engagement accelerator can help you interact with constituents anytime, anywhere, and on any device they prefer. 

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