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SAP MaxDB version 7.9.09 supports database size of up to 32 TB and several new features for database version 7.9 are released.


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About SAP MaxDB

Read About SAP MaxDB to get an impression of SAP MaxDB, a competitive database management system for medium to large server configurations and also a convincing offering for a desktop or laptop database management system. The key benefits of SAP MaxDB are its many built-in self-administering features.  

Insight SAP MaxDB

Get insight into SAP MaxDB’s database strategy. SAP MaxDB is available for the most prominent operating system/hardware platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Unix.
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SAP has always sold SAP MaxDB for SAP applications. Additionally there are many happy customers of SAP MaxDB who use it under non-SAP applications. Also, as before users can continue to download a community edition of SAP MaxDB from the Community Software Download Catalog with free community support.

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Read the blogs SAP MaxDB / SAP liveCache

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SAP MaxDB software comprises the database kernel, tools and inferfaces

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