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Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGENCO)


Establishing an Integrated Information Management System with SAP Solutions

Customers across the state of Andhra Pradesh rely on power from Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGENCO), which meets 46% of the energy demand of the state. As the largest power-generating company in the state, APGENCO manages 27 locations that are constantly working to serve its customers. The company needed a way to consolidate data from all of its locations in order to make better decisions at the corporate level. It was also looking to allow for systematic control offinance and budget, and achieve transparency in procurement processes, in line withgovernment objectives and e-governance initiatives. 


APGENCO chose the SAP ERP application to automate and standardize processes across its locations. The project was named “SHAKTHI” (System to HarnessAPGENCO Knowledge Transformation for Harmony and Integration). The implementation was completed within budget in 11 months, and the company now has automated business processes for sustainable growth and survival. With better information and automation, APGENCO can continue to serve its customers across Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGENCO)
Hyderabad, India
US $1.8 billion
Products and Services
SAP Consulting 


  • Consolidate data from 27 locations at the corporate level for better decision making
  • Establish an integrated business application architecture based on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) backbone
  • Allow for systematic control of finance and budget
  • Achieve transparency in the procurement process, in line with government objectives

Why SAP?

Solutions that fit the needs of the company and could be deployed efficiently and integrate smoothly


  • Implemented the SAP ERP and SAP Supplier Relationship Management applications
  • Deployed the SAP BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence platform
  • Implemented the project in sequential phases starting with SAP ERP
  • Completed the implementation within budget in 11 months
  • Automated business processes for sustainable growth and survival


  • Created online tracking of various plant maintenance activities and schedules across the plants, which has improved equipment availability
  • Improved organizational operational efficiency with transparency across the organization
  • Enhanced the overall quality of data
  • Improved the flow of information for better decision making  




Reduction of inventory over 24 months, due to consolidation


Tracking of coal movement


Reduction in breakdown time of equipment by planning availability of the materials and resources needed
Our new SAP solutions have laid down the foundation for sustainable reforms by integrating and enabling the core business operations with information systems at the transaction level. Ashok Kumar Reddy P, General Manager for ERP, APGENCO

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