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Customer Snapshot: Overview

600+ private label brands

Shopin continues their tradition of innovation as the first retail company in China to enable online-to-offline (O2O) shopping using the WeChat platform. This allows customers to select items based on social media recommendations and buy items while using a mobile device all on-site in the store. They then engaged the SAP® Active Global Support organization to help integrate management of all sales channels using SAP for Retail solutions, creating a real-time central management solution for inventory, ordering, and pricing.

Shopin Retail Development Co. Ltd.

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Shanghai, China

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP for Retail, SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning, SAP ONE Service

Customer Snapshot: History

A Whole New World of Discount Shopping in China

With the mature development of network application technology, consumer market diversification has become a trend in consumer demand: the network marketing channel for top-grade discount opened up a new world. Shopin recently became the first company in the Chinese retail sector to successfully launch the WeChat payment platform, giving new meaning to customer service and convenience.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Innovation and Customer Focus Drive Progress

A customer-centric business philosophy is at the heart of Shopin’s development and leadership in the area of IT innovation. One year prior to the launch of, the company was the first in China to use mobile tablets as retail tools. In 2011 it led the competitionby allowing customers to pay by scanning QR codes with a mobile device, eliminating paper billing and payment transactions. Ultimately, Shopin was the first company in the Chinese retail sector to successfully launch the WeChat payment platform, giving new meaning to customer service and convenience.

Now, with the launch of WeChat in its Hangzhou store, Shopin is China's first online-to-offline concept store, making its mobile, cross-channel experience the prototype for retail shopping of the future.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Keep Costs Low and Customer Satisfaction High

Shopin was the first retailer in China to adopt the chain model for brand-name discount merchandise, changing the face of department stores across China. Innovation and a strong brand identity are the driving forces behind the company’s success.

Dedicated to providing customers with brand-name products at discount prices, Shopin is continually innovating to strengthen its brand portfolio and offer consumers a wide array of high-quality products. The company currently runs 10 department stores inBeijing, offering more than 600 of its own brands and more than 2,000 other domestic and international brands covering more than 100,000 products. Using technology to meet consumers’ diverse shopping needs, Shopin launched its e-commerce site,, in 2009. By integrating management of resources, brands, products, and inventory for online and in-store shopping, Shopin revolutionized the department store experience in China with a comprehensive, cross-channel model.

The Challenge

More Products, More Ways To Shop, Simpler Shopping

What if you could combine all of the best things about online shopping — reviews, product recommendations & specifications, availability and secure online checkout — with the in-store experience where you can see, touch and try the products for yourself? Shopin’s founder, Li Yan was determined to bring that ideal shopping experience to life.

Shopin’s founder, Li Yan, is dedicated to innovating new business models and sees IT development as the key to competing on the global stage. As the company’s business and retail operations continued to expand, their existing IT systems couldn’t keep up. Their fragmented online-offline management model which was slow and cumbersome needed an overhaul to meet the new demands of a truly full-channel customer experience.

We would like to let customers shop from anywhere by accessing a virtual mobile shopping cart filled with products in our stores.— Wang Huidi, Vice President, Shopin

Enter SAP

Global Best Practices Transform a Vision Into Reality

Shopin decided to adopt SAP for Retail solutions to provide an integrated, standardized platform to suit their short- and long-term needs. Working with the SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) organization, they started with the proper foundation: a standardized back-end operating platform, then added on with the customer experience in mind to unite brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile experiences in a complete cross-channel retail model.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Streamlining Data for Success

Shopin selected SAP for Retail to streamline retail operations, and they selected the SAP ONE Service program from SAP AGS to provide a single source of support and maintenance.

linking > 20 systems led to 44 improved business processes.

Better Business

Making Shopin Run Simple

With all data passing through SAP software, Shopin has reached new heights in the discount shopping experience with real-time inventory visibility and fluid online-to-offline shopping capabilities. From initial availability to checkout, Shopin can pinpoint the location and availability of each product in their more than 100,000 product catalog. And customers reap the benefits as well. Through WeChat, customers can now access sale notifications, flexible payment and delivery options, & access real-time order tracking.

Better Business: Benefits

Smarter Back End Systems Build Better Business Intelligence

With the new software management system in place, Shopin has real-time business intelligence, providing greater insight into consumer purchasing, profiles and trends, to help them plan for the future and pinpoint their marketing and development efforts. Promotional content has been transformed from passive blanketed communications to focused, personalized offers. With more flexible shipping and payment options, costs are down, increasing the profit margin on every sale.

Better Business: Run Simple

Convenience, Flexibility, Innovation & Visibility

The WeChat store is open for business, delivering better results for the company and the consumer.

Journey Ahead

The future direction of O2O will be toward orders, sourcing, service, and marketing. This will require the support of SAP’s powerful systems. In the future, we hope to work even more closely with SAP to build a world-class industry value chain and help Shopin become a truly technology-driven, full-channel retail enterprise. — Wang Huidi, Vice President, Shopin
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