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Customer Snapshot: Overview

18 year partnership with SAP

Dickinson + Associates provides IT and business consulting services for businesses running SAP® software with the goal of helping their clients improve their bottom line. While client satisfaction is high, the internal IT processes of Dickinson + Associates needed a boost. 

Dickinson + Associates Inc.

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Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Number of Employees

Professional Services

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Disconnected systems just couldn’t keep up with growth, so Dickinson + Associates looked to SAP S/4HANA® Professional Services Cloud to help them transform their internal business processes and Run Simple.

Customer Snapshot: History

People, Process, and Technology

Dickinson + Associates was founded in 1998 and is an SAP Gold Partner management consulting firm specializing in SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Analytics, enterprise mobility, and support for corporate and public sector clients.

Dickinson + Associates' Certifications and Partnerships: 

-SAP Gold Channel Partner
-SAP Services Partners
-Sybase Partner
-SAP Business All-in-One Certified Solutions
-ASUG Gold Affiliate
-Vendor to SAP

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Helping Clients Get the Most from Their Business

Dickinson + Associates combines people, process, and technology to help clients improve business processes and realize value from SAP investments. While involved in e-business and ERP implementations, both as a customer and later as a consultant, founder Don Dickinson realized that the consulting industry does more selling than delivering. For example, during the sales cycle, many firms bring their best consultants to the table. But once the engagement is underway, these same consultants are replaced with younger, inexperienced staff. As a result, the benefits often promised are not delivered.

To provide our customers with measurable business benefits that actually improve the bottom-line. – Dickinson + Associates Mission Statement

Dickinson + Associates doesn’t just provide a service. Their aim is to be a long-term partner in their clients’ drive to succeed. The company takes pride in their ability to rapidly deploy and resolve process and technology problems. This helps their clients get back to the important business at hand . . . theirs!

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Helping Clients Help Themselves

Helping clients succeed is their true measure of success. Dickinson + Associates combines business experience with technical expertise, leveraging technology, process, and experienced professionals to help clients transition rapidly to optimization and self-sufficiency.

Differentiated by how they serve customers.

The Challenge

Healing Their Own Systems

Businesses running SAP software have been turning to Dickinson + Associates for help with process issues since 1998. Since then, their own IT systems grew organically to accommodate their success. Over time, however, Dickinson + Associates sought to implement more integrated, efficient internal systems capable of supporting their rapid growth.

As an SAP partner with a clear picture of all that SAP has to offer, Dickinson + Associates looked to strengthen their own structure with an SAP upgrade that could scale with the company and foster innovation as they grew.

The infrastructure needed bolstering.

Enter SAP

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

Healing other companies is vastly different from diagnosing and prescribing a fix for oneself. Dickinson + Associates realized the need for an outside consultant to help with their transition. Looking to avoid the costs of additional hardware, and seeking out a prescriptive solution allowing for standardized business processes, they opted for SAP S/4HANA® Professional Services Cloud solution.

Becoming a customer of SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Long-Term Support with an Ongoing Partnership

The cloud-based solution shifted the focus of on-site IT hours from hardware maintenance and upgrades to ongoing interaction with SAP. As a long-term partner, Dickinson + Associates had already developed a corporate culture strongly aligned with that of SAP. That commonality helped both teams focus on what mattered most: creating an innovative, solid, scalable solution.

Getting guidance to become a stronger advocate for the system in the future.

Better Business

True Run Live Visibility

The new system has allowed for better visibility into resource scheduling to help Dickinson + Associates plan and manage resources, respond to customer needs and requests, and provide better overall service. The mobile component of the system enables employees to manage and report their time - in the moment - rather than retroactively. This provides a constantly updated snapshot of where the company stands on progress and deadlines.

On a larger scale, the company now has a real-time view of their business 24/7, helping to plan, budget, and realign priorities as markets and investment requirements change.


Success in the short and long term.

We needed to scale, but we didn’t want to take on the additional hardware costs or the cost of developing our own solutions. With the constant releases and innovations that come from SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud, it gave us the opportunity to have a long-term solution for our business. – Don Dickinson, President, Dickinson + Associates Inc.

Better Business: Benefits

Long-Term Profitability

With a cloud-based solution, the company is saving money on IT costs. Systems are constantly upgraded in the cloud, freeing up time and energy researching new solutions. The scalable nature of SAP S/4 HANA enables Dickinson + Associates to expand their services, client base, and personnel as the need arises.

The entire suite, all in one place.

Better Business: Run Simple

Streamlined Scheduling

With consultants reporting their time and progress in the field and a fully visible, real-time snapshot of all projects at any given moment, Dickinson + Associates can respond quickly to any unexpected changes that arise in the field. Work flow is now more seamless than ever. The resulting agile, responsive planning cuts costs, reduces stress, improves on-time delivery, and most important, creates more satisfied customers.

The ability to expand their offerings.

Journey Ahead

The Sky’s the Limit With the Cloud

The success of the new system implementation has Dickinson + Associates looking to move their client services to the cloud with SAP as well. Internally, they will also be looking into SAP SuccessFactors® and SAP Fieldglass® solutions to source and manage the acquisition of contract labor and Concur® solutions to manage expenses.

Dickinson + Associates’ experience as an SAP customer has deepened their understanding of the services they support. Armed with this knowledge, the company is in an even better position to support their clients into the future.

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