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Customer Snapshot: Overview

1 Billion data points uploaded in one day

The largest health care system in Illinois, Advocate Health Care conducts research studies that inform system-wide, vital healthcare decisions. Making sense of that data means having access to a broad range of snapshots and cross-sections. 

Advocate Health Care

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Convergence CT

Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Health, Run Live

Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

Line of Business
Finance, Platform and Technology, R&D/Engineering, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP HANA, SAP Startup Focus Program


An overloaded system prodded Advocate Health Care to seek a new solution that could handle the volumes of data and outcomes the system produced. When they challenged their partner, Convergence CT, to find a solution that would help the Department of Research & Innovation Run Simple, SAP was the clear choice.

Customer Snapshot: History

A Faith Based, Not- For-Profit Health System

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Common Mission with Uncommon Results

Advocate Health Care is a collection of hospitals, medical groups, home health services, and a network of outpatient centers. There are more than 200 sites of care. In fact, Advocate Health Care is the largest integrated health care system in Illinois.
In the bigger picture, the Advocate Health Care “system” is more about an approach to care. There is a shared vision. Their system exists to provide a full spectrum of care, from preventative to palliative care.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

People Are Their Inspiration, Changing Lives Is Their Passion

Advocate is named among the nation’s Top 5 large health systems based on quality by Truven Analytics and is the largest health system in Illinois. Advocate has the largest emergency and Level I Trauma network in Illinois. Advocate treats more pediatric patients than any other hospital or system in the state, and more people trust their hearts to Advocate than to any other hospital or system in the state.

Additionally, Advocate diagnoses and treats more cancer than any other hospital or system in Illinois.

Moving healthcare forward with data mining and analysis.

These numbers are important because health research shows there is a positive relationship between the number of procedures performed and quality outcomes. Advocate offers more than 250 sites of care, with12 acute-care hospitals, including a children’s hospital with two campuses and the state’s largest integrated children’s network. Advocate is recognized as one of the Top 100 Workplaces to work in Chicago.

The Challenge

Efficient Big Data Management

With a mission to serve the health needs of individuals, families, and communities holistically through the core values of compassion, equality, excellence, partnership, and stewardship, Advocate Health must truly be an advocate for their patients. To stay ahead of patients’ needs and maintain their lead in the healthcare field, the Advocate Department of Research & Innovation conducts hundreds of studies.

These studies produce volumes of data that need to be mined precisely and efficiently. When the data overloaded existing systems, new solutions were sought to handle the data with speed and agility.

A cumbersome system was no longer sufficient. 

Enter SAP


The Right Solution for a Growing Organization

Advocate challenged their existing partner, Convergence CT, to find a solution that could handle their existing data management needs and their future needs as well.

The SAP Startup Focus Program was instrumental in implementing the new system. 

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

From Many Silos to One Coordinated System

As part of the SAP Startup Focus Program, Convergence CT chose SAP HANA, SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, and SAP Business Objects Lumira to coordinate all of the warehouses and data across the system.

In just three days, the system was up and running.

Better Business


Better Informed Decision-Making

With the new system in place, Advocate Health Care can gain immediate insights into data on three million patients that has revolutionized the way Advocate can analyze information and transform data into action.

SAP Lumira provides new ways to analyze data and helps Advocate Health Care create a healthier future.

Better Business: Benefits

Solving Problems in Record Time

Where reports and analyses used to take months, results can now be reported in weeks and even days. That means big benefits to patients and to Advocate Health Care. Data analysis can help doctors determine the most effective procedures with the lowest risks and side effects. That boils down to lower costs and better outcomes for patients.

Data customers are enjoying speedy turnaround times while patients are benefiting from efficient medical data synthesis.

Better Business: Run Simple

Better Healthcare and a Stronger Bottom Line

With the new system in place, patient care at Advocate Health Care is stronger than ever, with more cost-effective treatment solutions and overall improved care. The organization is benefiting as well. The economies of scale achieved with the new, efficient data management solution are translating to a stronger bottom line.

From individual physician performance to analysis by diagnosis or procedure. 

Journey Ahead

Thinking Outside the Hospital Walls

Advocate Health Care plans to take these advancements beyond their hospitals and care centers and expand their reach to the life science companies, retailers, and pharmacy chains they work with. In the next five to ten years, they plan to connect platforms and silos, integrating and linking all consumers and providers to determine better ways to deliver health care and promote more healthy habits in consumers.

Predicting better paths of care for patients is just the beginning.

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