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SAP Global Mindfulness Practice

Enable lasting success and wellbeing at work and in life

Help ensure your workforce is thriving, happy, and resilient in a rapidly-changing global economy with experts from the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice.



SAP employees trained at the two-day “SIY” course virtually and in more than 56 locations



Mindfulness Ambassadors in 35+ locations



Active participants in our virtual community 

Improve people’s lives with mindfulness expertise

The SAP Global Mindfulness Practice program shares SAP’s own experience in establishing mindfulness practices in a global organization. This initiative offers best-practice models to help deliver mindfulness-based programs that make a positive social and economic contribution while enabling employees to thrive in a connected world. 

  • Help leaders solve complex problems
  • Build resilient teams in times of rapid change
  • Support personal development in the workplace
  • Enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Strengthen mental and emotional well being


Help your employees unlock their potential

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness reduces your tendency to react on autopilot, allowing you to choose how you respond without dwelling on worries for the future or memories of the past. 

History and objectives

Beginning in 2012 as a grassroots initiative to help employees thrive in a rapidly changing global economy, our mindfulness program is now deeply anchored in SAP’s culture.

Highly-trained mindfulness instructors

In partnership with the not-for-profit Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), we’ve trained selected SAP employees in the emerging field of teaching mindfulness in corporations. 

Integrated Mindfulness Practices at SAP

In these videos, learn how your team's culture can benefit from mindfulness practices just by integrating simple techniques – inspired by – that bring positivity and productivity to your workday. 

Noting Difficult Emotions

In this video, learn how you and your team's culture can benefit from mindfulness practices just by integrating simple techniques that bring positivity and productivity to your workday.

Three breaths

Take three mindful breaths to refresh, be more present, and make a choice about what to do next.

Silver Winner, The 2020 Telly Awards

Mindful walking

Learn how to reduce stress and become energized just by taking a mindful walk.

Mindful eating

Learn how to pay attention to the experience of eating and drinking, even when you're busy.

Head-body-heart check-in

Learn how to create a moment of higher-resolution self-awareness before presentations or important conversations.

Build mindfulness into your organizational culture


With 70+ certified trainers and more than 95+ mindfulness ambassadors at more than 35 SAP locations, we have a thriving community of experts that can offer training on-site or virtually.

Program language

Trainings are based on contemporary neuroscience and scientific evidence, program content is strictly secular, and sessions are held in an appropriate business language.

Program governance

As we deliver training across diverse cultures, we set clear roles, responsibilities, and behavioral guidelines and only accept preapproved and evidence-based content.

Integration with corporate culture

We help firms integrate training into everyday corporate culture, encouraging employees to see mindfulness as part of a healthy routine – like diet and exercise.

Explore our services


In response to customer demand, SAP Global Mindfulness Practice now helps businesses establish mindfulness practices rooted in contemporary neuroscience that help employees adapt to change during digital transformation.

  • Two-day mindfulness-based training courses
  • Consulting on setting up mindfulness practices
  • Keynote speaking at events and conferences
  • Train-the-trainer programs

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Angela Klose
Mindfulness Ambassador, SIY Lead and Certified MBSR Teacher SAP
Mindfulness, The New Superpower

The SAP Global Mindfulness Practice started as a grass-roots initiative by a few employees in 2012 and has become a key component of SAP's culture. More than 14,000 employees have taken the 16-hour training course, offered both online or on site, with thousands more on the waiting list to do so.

Jeanette Rohr
SAP News Center
A Holistic Future of Work Agenda for SAP

By appointing Dr. Christian Schmeichel as chief future of work officer, SAP is one of the first corporations in the world to make the topic a strategic priority. In a post-pandemic world, what kind of work environment can SAP employees expect?

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