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Montserrat's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

One of the reasons I have been successful at SAP is that our culture allows employees to ask for help.

Montserrat Barreras

Meet Montserrat Barreras, SAP’s Regional Head of Business Areas Business Operations in Latin America (LatAm) and the Caribbean. Montse loves the career she’s built at SAP over the last 24 years: "If you are curious enough, you will be able to build your career here and shape it the way you want."

When I joined in 1996 in Argentina, never did I dream I’d still be here 24 years later! It’s been quite a wild ride, and I’ve come to realize just how lucky I am to still be part of a company that moves together toward the same objective: our customers’ success and making the world run better.

In 1996, the SAP office in Buenos Aires was an exhilarating place to work: only 25 of us, a group of close friends working long hours, making this new SAP practice in the Latin America region successful. Our office is no longer 25 people any more of course, but with our growth has come incredible new ways of thinking: diversity, gender equality, sustainability, being a purpose driven company. What a company to work for now in 2020!

My biggest personal growth in my career since those crazy days of work 18 hours a day has been the shift to focus on our customers not just from a market unit perspective, but from a regional and global perspective. It’s been beyond enriching for me, interacting with cultures outside of my own. It’s that type of change and growth that has kept me at SAP.

One of the reasons I have been successful at SAP is that our culture allows employees to ask for help; we don’t always have to have the right answer, right away. Working within my own team, or across other teams, I have found so many colleagues who are willing to listen, and who ask me the right questions to help me find a solution to my challenge. This emotional intelligence is something I really value in our company culture.

I am a mother of four children. Needless to say, I’m busy, and work-life balance is of course important to me. In my entire 24-year career year, not once has being a woman, let alone a mother, meant that I didn’t get the right opportunity or the mentorship I needed. I have had nothing but opportunities for my career growth. In one case, I was offered a promotion while being seven months pregnant. The manager who offered it to me knew I would only take the role after my maternity leave, which meant waiting several more months for me to join his team. This was not even a consideration for him, this waiting period. He knew I was the right employee with the right skills, drive and ambition. If you are proactive and have a curious mind, you will be able to build your career here and shape it the way you want. I don’t think you can find that in many companies.

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