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Design and Development 

Application Development with SAP HANA

Use an application development model built on a foundation of Cloud Foundry to enable a consistent paradigm between SAP HANA deployed on premise and SAP HANA Cloud.

Application Development Services

Simplify your application architecture for on-premise or cloud environments.

Application development model

Benefit from an application development model built on a foundation of Cloud Foundry to enable a consistent paradigm between SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud.

Advanced and extended applications services

Build Web-based applications that use a native runtime and integrated development environment with SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model.

Optimized applications

Provide highly optimized applications for the SAP HANA platform with the openness to satisfy developer needs or preferences. 

Simplified application architecture

Deliver applications that simplify the application architecture, achieve optimal performance, and reduce complexity in your IT environment at the same time.

Application Development Languages

SQL extensions for application development

Gain a wide variety of SQL and high-level or object interfaces that work with virtually any programming language or toolkit.

JavaScript, Python, Go, and Java

Use server-side JavaScript APIs to develop free-form services that communicate between your applications and SAP HANA.

SQLScript or R script for algorithms and business logic

Develop statistical algorithms for predictive analytics and process R code in line as part of a query execution. 

Application Development Tools

Take advantage of tools for rapid application development.

Choice of development tools

Work in the application development environment that best suits your style: Web-based, ABAP, or Eclipse development tools.


Create business applications and customize or build SAP Fiori apps by using various wizards, templates, and code editors.

ABAP development environment

Build applications that interact with SAP HANA with the support of a knowledgeable developer community and on-demand tutorials.

Cloud Application Programming Model

Focus on the business problem and accelerate development.

Build enterprise-grade services and applications

Our cloud-based framework of languages, libraries, and tools provides guidance on proven best practices and technology-agnostic, preconfigured solutions for recurring tasks, as well as core data services that can serve as a ubiquitous modeling language.

Function Libraries

Reuse packaged components to improve developer productivity and application performance. 

Application function library (AFL)

Acquire ready-to-use procedures that can be called directly from SQLScript and run close to the data inside the SAP HANA database to boost performance.

Predictive analytics library (PAL)

Access more than 20 algorithms that you can embed in data mining and predictive scenarios for your existing applications.

Application function modeler (AFM)

Use a graphical editor in the SAP HANA platform to connect to the BFL and PAL and apply data visualization and drag-and-drop capabilities to speed results.

Business function library (BFL)

Get information on common business functions, ranging from currency conversion to moving averages and rolling forecasts.

Application Lifecycle Management

Simplify the application lifecycle – from application development to production.

Speed the application lifecycle with greater ease

Prepare your applications for live production faster. With the SAP HANA application lifecycle management tool, you can define the right product structure, track object changes, prepare product delivery units, validate and assemble applications, and deploy on time to meet user expectations.  

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